Zaytoon Lebanese Kitchen

Playhouse Square

(216) 795-5000
1150 Huron Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Diane writes:

I enjoyed lunch at Zaytoon before a Playhouse Square matinee.

The small restaurant has just 2 tables and seating on stools along the windows.

The menu has items designated gluten free and the woman taking the order seemed aware of GF options and kitchen procedures. And the kitchen is open so you can watch the chef make your lunch.

Chicken soup was served piping hot with lots of chicken and an interesting touch of cinnamon. The falafel plate comes with 2 sides and I chose hummus and fries. All was really tasty.


Public Square, Multiple locations outside Ohio

2105 Ontario St
Cleveland, OH

(216) 302-1001

Had a great lunch at Wahlburgers at Prospect and Ontario in the shadow of the casino.

The menu features burgers (of course), other sandwiches and salads. There is no gluten free menu but I was reassured by both the seater and server that most everything on the menu could be made gluten free. The server checked with the kitchen and confirmed that each fried item had its own fryer and was safely GF.

While they do have a GF bun, I chose to have my burger as a Chopped Salad Bowl. The Sweet Potato Tots were a large portion and easily shared.

I’d return if I were in the area but don’t think I’d make a special trip.

2105 Ontario Street
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 302-1001

Also located in eastern US and Canada



Starbucks has introduced a Gluten-Free Smoked Canadian Bacon & Egg hot breakfast sandwich.

From Starbucks’ website:

At last, a breakfast sandwich for our gluten-free friends. Tasty cherrywood-smoked Canadian bacon, an egg patty and reduced-fat white cheddar on a gluten free roll. It’s all prepared in a certified gluten-free environment and sealed for your safety. We then warm and serve it in its own oven-safe parchment bag to avoid any cross-contamination.

Starbucks has been increasing the number of gluten free offerings. Since the introduction of the Marshmallow Dream Bar Starbucks has been adding additional certified gluten free packaged snacks. You can find a range of chips, cookies, jerkies, yogurt and bananas. But it is only now that you can get a sandwich.

The GF roll stood up well to the heating and eating without crumbling, even having a slight chew. The filling is comfort food: soft and a bit salty.

The Starbucks workers at one location opened the package before heating. Do make sure that the item you receive has remained sealed in its package.

It’s nice to know I can find a meal while traveling thanks to the ubiquity of Starbucks.

As always, Starbucks says:

We cannot guarantee that any of our products are free from allergens (including dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, wheat and others) as we use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them.

Philomena Bake Shop

Cleveland Area

Happy gluten-free holidays Cleveland!


Gift Bags ($40) for yourself or for your favorite GF person include:
• 1 take out box of vanilla bean marshmallows
• 1 clear gift box of five macarons
• 6 Cinnamon Sugar cookies
• 4 Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies
• 1 Glittery Box of your choice of caramels: Vanilla, Chocolate, or Italian Bacon!

Free delivery for orders over $40 within Cleveland, $5 extra for Shaker/University/Cleveland Heights and Lakewood. $10 extra beyond. I’ll also be popping up at The Wine Spot on Lee Road on DECEMBER 23rd for last minute goodie shopping!

To order call Caitlin at 216-543-9769


Nuevo Modern Mexican


1000 E. 9th St.   (at the 9th St. Pier)
Cleveland, OH  44114

(216) 737-1000

“Nuevo is rooted in the traditional, using several modern ingredients and techniques to create a whole new cuisine.”

From Mariann 10-16
     Offering a gluten-free menu!
     Knowledgeable Staff!
     Lots of options!

Nuevo is super busy, (reservations recommended) being right alongside the Rock Hall and the Browns Stadium, the GoodtimeIII dock and overlooking Lake Erie. Outdoor dining is available in the summer months. 






Bin 216

Playhouse Square Downtown

1515 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

(216) 860-0530

Located inside the playhouse square facility this wine bar is not a location for dining out with gluten-free needs.  That being said, if you are looking for a cozy wait until your show starts they have good wines and small bites, g-f is limited to stuffed dates and shrimp cocktail (both of which are quite good), to tide you over.



4th and Prospect

2079 E 4th St.
Cleveland, OH 44115


reservations via

Mariann writes:
A Zack Bruell restaurant specializing in Italian delectables.  No gluten-free menu but pasta menu includes a vegan dish with a corn pasta.  There are a number of pasta dishes on the menu where gluten is not present and that can have the corn pasta substituted.  Some entrees also are gluten-free or can be tweaked to make them available to a gluten- free diner.   Our table shared mussels and asparagus for appetizers – both gluten-free.  My choice of entree was a Pork Osso Buco with Poltenta – perfectly done, beautifully presented and very tasty.  The kitchen also offers a g-f bread option.


Chocolate Bar – Martini and Chocolate Bar

Downtown/Public Sq./4th St. District

347 Euclid Ave,
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 622-2626


David writes:
Went to The Chocolate Bar in downtown Cleveland late last year.  Good food & many GF items.  Went back May 19 this year.  NO GF soups, salads, entrees.  Only GF items creme brulee & flourless chocolate cake.  Server claimed the salads would all be GF if bread wasn’t served with them.  Sure …    (posted 5-19-15)


Phuel Cafe

Playhouse Square

1350 Euclid Ave

Had lunch before show at Playhouse Square. Entrance right at Euclid on 14th. Eclectic menu with many GF labelled choices. Server reassured that kitchen takes care using pan cleaned after each use. I enjoyed Szechuan tofu dish with the kale salad side. The served all-day breakfast includes omelets.

Chill Pop Shop

Local NEO area Farm Markets, Festivals and Events

also available for catered events

from the Chill Pop Shop facebook page:
Cleveland’s handmade artisan ice pops…totally fresh and naturally cool
Email us anytime at
Mariann writes:
Some of the ice pop flavors include Watermelon Lime, Sea Salt Strawberry Cream, Lemon Ricotta, and Cucumber Kiwi!  All are made single batch – using fresh, locally sourced farm market fruits (when available), organic cane sugar, and farm market creams and milks!  To date, all items are gluten-free, some are vegan, and many new flavors are being created.


Convention Center and Global Center for Health Innovations (Medical Mart)


Contact Rosemary Macey, Catering Sales Coordinator

Catered by Levy Restaurants
Put the event title in the subject line along with the words “gluten free”.

1 St. Claire Ave., NE
Cleveland  44114


Cibreo Italian Kitchen

Playhouse Square

Cibreo Website

1438 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

(216) 862-9212

Why we must remember to always be our own advocate!
Last evening at the bar of Cibreo at PHS the bartender stated to a customer that both Corona and Budweiser beer are gluten-free.  While both of these beers may test low in gluten both include malted barley and are in fact NOT gluten-free.  The websites do not recommend them for consumption by the Celiac community.  It is true that some folks seem to tolerate these beers BUT we must remember that not being symptomatic does not mean that no effect is taking place. 


Fat Cats

Flats/Tremont Area

2061 West 10th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113



Bette shares:

GF Menu?: No What did you order?: hanger steak with veggies Was the server GF knowledgeable?: Yes, very knowledgeable Comments: We went to Fat Cats on a busy Saturday night. The server was extremely accommodating and knew precisely what I needed. She pointed out gluten free options, and indicated that the chef could modify many of the menu options to make them gluten free. The food was delicious, the service friendly. The ambiance was enjoyable, kind of a funky old house. I would recommend the restaurant. A couple tips: bring a slice of gluten free bread for the excellent (gluten free) tapenade. And be prepared to do a little negotiating about what is/isn’t safe to eat.

Thanks, Gay:

We had brunch on a Saturday at Fat Cats, 2061 W 10th, Cleveland (Tremont neighborhood) and the staff was eager to assist me with my gf needs. My choice was a mushroom omelet and they made sure to pan fry red skin potatoes so I could enjoy potatoes with my meal. Both were delicious and reasonably priced.  I have had light bite type suppers in the past and have been successful with their salads and soups. The owner is often in the kitchen and he has a positive attitude towards working with his customers. An added bonus is if you eat outside, you can glimpse Cleveland’s great skyline.


B Spot

Multiple Locations


Crocker Park
20 Main Street
Westlake, OH 44145

28699 Chagrin Boulevard –
Woodmere, OH 44122

18066 Royalton Road
Strongsville, OH 44136

Horseshoe Casino
100 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44113

Quicken Loans Arena – The “Q”
Open only during Cavs games

Cleveland Browns Stadium
Open only during Browns games and major events

Diane writes:

I had lunch this week at the B Spot on Chagrin at Eton.  A manager came to the table to explain my options – bunless burger or chicken.  All toppings were ok, except grilled onions.  No fries, as onion rings are made in the same oil.  Condiments and sauces are on the table and a pickle bar, with pickled tomatoes and onions, in addition to 2 kinds of cucumbers, is located in the center of the restaurant. The manager brought out a dish of the very delicious Coffee BBQ sauce and an assortment of fantastic pickled veggies at my request. One note:  In the service of our large table of mostly gluten eaters, my chicken arrived with a fry on the plate.  The server immediately returned the dish to the kitchen and the manager hand carried a newly made serving to me.

Have you tried B Spot?  What was your experience?


J. Gumbo’s

Cleveland/Public Sq. E. 4th

Many locatons – 2 in the Cleveland area.

226 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland OH 44114.
(216) 291-7403

Diane writes:

Tried J Gumbo’s yesterday.  It is a fast food cajun/creole eatery.  About a half dozen menu items are designated gluten free, including spicy Voodoo Chicken, creamy Bumblebee Stew and a traditional Jambalaya.  Loved that they offer samples, so I tried all of the GF varieties before placing my order.  I enjoyed a bowl of White Chili served over rice.  As I was leaving I saw a menu notation that you can order a 2nd entree for $1 or 3rd for $2 more, served together in one bowl. The next time I would get the spicy Voodoo Chicken in combination with one of the milder offerings.

Located just up from Public Square between Chipotle and Noodlecat.

Elements Bistro

Midtown Cleveland/CSU

2300 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Thanks, Bette, for sharing your experience:

Located on the CSU campus, Elements is a popular lunch spot. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing on the menu that is naturally gluten free. Some of the salads can be made safe with omissions and substitutions, but choice is extremely limited. The knowledge level of the servers, and their attention to detail, is quite variable. Some are wonderful, others are either clueless or careless. On one occasion I was assured the salad dressing was safe, but got quite sick after eating it—now I bring my own.

Cowell and Hubbard

Downtown, Playhouse Sq.

1305 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Here’s a report from Bette about her experience:

Zach Bruell’s newest restaurant makes a point of accommodating gluten free diners. On my visits, they’ve proudly presented me with grilled gluten free bread and my own serving of olive oil for dipping. The servers are careful to check with the chefs about whether specific items are gluten free, and some items on the menu can be modified (a different sauce, for instance) to be made gluten free.

One caution: On my first visit, the server assured me that a particular desert was safe, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (and had no problem). On my next visit, when I ordered it again, the server told me it had gluten.

If you go, plan to arrive after  7, since this is a popular spot for theater audiences. The place clears out a bit at curtain time.

Progressive Field – CLE Indians Ballpark 2016


Progressive Field Ballpark

2401 Ontario St
Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 420-4487

Hi, Indians fans.  Going to a game?

You may or may not be aware that the stadium has undergone a renovation in the off season 2016!  If you are looking for options for your game repast here’s the latest word direct from the stadium on what the offerings are for the 2016 season!!

from the CLE Indians office:  Information below is the most up to date. We are working with Barrio to possibly add a corn tortilla to add an additional gluten free items.

  • Gluten Free – Field of Greens Cart Red Bridge Beer Section 150
  • Gluten Free – Popcorn Sections 133, 149, 153, 156, 174, 182, 556
  • Gluten Free – Nachos Sections  116, 157, 172, 181, 529
  • Gluten Free – Ciders – The Corner Section 116, Miller Bar Section 138, Sam Adams Cart Section 164

Gluten Free – Hot Dog Ballpark Classics Section 149

Gluten Free – Pierre’s Ice Cream Sections 159, 179, 182 – Black Raspberry Chip, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip

Gluten Free – Build a Burger Hamburger Section 174

Gluten Free – Build a Burger Chicken Sandwich Section 174

Gluten Free – Ohio City Burrito Burrito Bowl Section 160

Gluten Free – Field of Greens Salad Section 153

Horseshoe Casino

Public Square

100 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44113

216) 297-4777

Worth the Gluten-free Gamble?

So, you’ve worked up an appetite at the casino and want to spend your winnings.  What gluten free options are available?  Don’t bother going downstairs to the buffet as they won’t accommodate you.  Instead head up to the food court. 

If you are in the mood for salad you are in luck.  Rosie & Rocco’s will make any of their salads gluten free.  Just inform the cashier that you need to have the salad made in a clean bowl. 

The B Spot also has salad, as well as tomato soup, pulled pork and, of course, burgers without buns. 

Alternatively, step outside to get some fresh air.  And try one of the many great nearby restaurants.

See our restaurant page for suggestions.

Pura Vida

Public Square

Pura Vida Restaurant
Public Square
170 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Positive reports from the April 18, 2012 gluten free dinner hosted by Pura Vida.

Mariann has shared pictures from the event:

course 1 –   Shrimp toast

course 2 –   Duck confit enchilada with smokey tomatillo and black bean sauce

course 3 –   Tsao’s style short rib with edamame, enochi, and bamboo rice

finale  –       Rhubarb and Strawberry crisp!!

Mariann reported a second Dinner at Pura Vida September 2012.

Pura Vida Restaurant
Public Square
170 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
216.987.0100 l