Joy Gluten Free Sugar Ice Cream Cones

Eileen writes:    

The Joy Gluten Free Sugar Cones are just how you remember them.

I think they taste the same as their regular sugar cones and they are available at Heinen’s and Giant Eagle and Marc’s and other stores.

They might be just a little bit more delicate than the regular cones.
They also come in Gluten Free Regular Cones (they aren’t as tasty but they hold more ice cream).

Make sure your ice cream doesn’t contain anything with gluten like cookies or candy that isn’t gluten free.
So many times we are asked what dessert we can make for a guest coming to a non gluten free house. These ice cream cones save the day and what could be easier and so much fun?



Gluten Free Pita Bread

I discovered “MY BREAD” a gluten free flatbread pita in the frozen gluten free section at Heinen’s in Brecksville. It’s made by MyBread in Chicago in a gluten free, nut free facility. It warms up in a toaster oven or can be grilled after defrosting. I haven’t been able to get it to open as a pocket but it has a nice flavor and texture. I took it with me to the Anatolia Cafe 2270 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights and ate it with Doner which is very much like gyro meat but does not contain gluten like gyro meat.

It was also nice to enjoy hummus and other dips with My Bread.

Trans-Ocean Crab Classics (Imitation Crab)

I’m so excited that Trans-Ocean products are now labeled gluten free.


From their website:
We are proud to say that effective Fall 2014, our production plant became a dedicated, 100% gluten-free facility and all of our products are now gluten-free. You’ll find a gluten-free banner on all of our packaging. Be assured our products have the same delicious flavor and high quality that has made us America’s #1 brand of surimi seafood.

“Fake crab” is one of the few things I’ve missed since going GF.  But not any longer.

Cheerios Goes Gluten Free

cheerios gf

Back in 2010, General Mills changed one ingredient in their Chex cereal line. Switching from malt to molasses, GM launched Rice Chex as gluten free (GF). Its success prompted the release of six more flavors.

Beginning in July of 2015, five Cheerios products will have the same great taste but will be going gluten free: Original, Honey Nut, Apple Cinnamon, Frosted, and Multi-Grain Cheerios. While Chex is made from rice and corn, Cheerios is made from oats, which is a controversial grain in the gluten free community.

Oats are controversial because they are contaminated by wheat when they are processed or transported.

Those who have celiac disease (CD) and gluten sensitivity (GS) are advised to consume only certified gluten free oats. Even then, a percentage of those with CD and GS still react against any oats. (Even certified GF oats should be carefully introduced, especially into the diet of someone newly diagnosed).

Chex instant hot oatmeal, made from gluten free WHOLE oats, was launched in 2014. There is only a limited supply of GF oats. To launch Cheerios which require a large quantity to be made into OAT FLOUR, General Mills decided to mechanically filter regular oats to eliminate cross contamination, rendering them gluten free.

General Mills is aware of the gluten free FDA labeling guidelines and are testing to ensure the standard of less than 20ppm is met. They have a great reputation as a responsible company.

While the gluten free/celiac community applauds General Mills for producing another mainstream GF cereal which costs less than some GF cereals and is more widely available, some early questions have arisen:

1. Why not a third party certification?
2. It is understood that the mechanical filtering is a competitive secret, specially developed by GM at great cost. If they can’t reveal it, why can’t they release more on the type of testing done, as well as the quantity of testing done?
3. Why can’t they use gluten free oats, developing a demand?

Of all the 5 GF Cheerios, Multi-Grain will go through the biggest reformulation. Its wheat and barley ingredients will be replaced with sorghum and millet.

What do you think about the new GF Cheerios?
Please comment!

Alamarra Gluten Free Crepe Mixes in Mentor

Alamarra sells professional quality GF crepe mixes and is located here in Northeast Ohio in Mentor.

The company says,”One of Alamarra’s manufacturing facilities is dedicated to making gluten free mixes and already produces gluten free crêpe and waffle/panacake mixes. The gluten free crêpes and waffles actually taste better than most other crêpes and waffles. More gluten free products are being developed. Look for us in Heinen’s and Zagara’s.”

Warm GF crepes available as mixes sounds like a bit of heaven! Consider supporting this local gluten free business!

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Stuffing

Rudi’s makes a Savory Herb Stuffing which is very good. I found it at Heinen’s in Brecksville. I was never one to use a  quick stuffing before I went gluten-free but, this one is really great. To make it you add boiling water and butter and let it sit for 5 minutes.  I added  boiling chicken stock in place of the water,  butter,  and added a handful of dried cranberries and it was  really good. I think you could serve it and people wouldn’t know you were using a gluten free mix.

Against The Grain Baguettes and Bagels

My go to bread is the gluten-free frozen baguettes made by Against The Grain. It is frozen and if you defrost it for about 15-20 seconds you can slice off a sandwich size piece and refreeze the rest. You then toast it and it has a wonderful crust like a “real” baguette. It also worked to toast it in the morning and eat it as a sandwich at lunchtime.

Recently I tried Against The Grain Bagels and was pleased with the taste and texture which is very similar to their baguette. It’s not quite a real bagel but, really nice compared to some other gluten-free bagels and breads I’ve purchased only to be totally disappointed. These bagels are also frozen need only to be defrosted for 15 seconds and then toasted. The website for both bread products is

New GF Pasta

Robert shares:

RP’s Pasta. Heinen’s and Raisin Rack. FRESH linguine, fetucine, spinach fetucine & fusili. Located with other fresh pastas. This is the best GF pasta I have ever had!

Barilla GF Pasta. Also at Heinen’s. New from this old Italian pasta maker. Spaghetti, elbow macaroni & fusili. Really good, but not delicate, traditional dried GF pasta.

Diane adds:  I am a big fan of the Barilla GF Pasta.  I’ve seen it at many local stores.  Now I’ll have to try the RP Pasta!

Passover – A Gluten Free Holiday

Spotted at Marc’s in Mayfield Heights: image The Jewish holiday of Passover begins the evening of Friday, April 6, 2012, and ends the evening of Saturday, April 14, 2012.  Observant Jews do not eat or possess chametz during the week of Passover. Chametz is wheat, spelt, barley, oats, and rye which has come into contact with water for more than 18 minutes.  Instead they eat matzoh, a flat unleavened cracker made from one of those grains, or products that have been made from matzoh (matzoh flour, or matzoh meal, or matzoh cake meal). So, why is this holiday different from all other holidays?  You may find stores stocked with special kosher for passover products. It is very important to read labels to make sure the product does not contain matzoh in any form.  Some products will be labeled “Non-Gebrokts” or “Gluten-Free”. Many manufacturers produce special products for people who follow the Non-Gebrokts Kosher for Passover diet, using specially cleaned or completely dedicated equipment and facilities. Ungar’s Kosher Bakery and Store in Cleveland Heights, (216) 321-7176, carries kosher for passover gluten free items all year long, with many more, including fresh baked items, for the holiday. Yehuda Matzo now has gluten free versions. Kedem products are a proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation.