Public Square, Multiple locations outside Ohio


2105 Ontario St
Cleveland, OH

(216) 302-1001

Had a great lunch at Wahlburgers at Prospect and Ontario in the shadow of the casino.

The menu features burgers (of course), other sandwiches and salads. There is no gluten free menu but I was reassured by both the seater and server that most everything on the menu could be made gluten free. The server checked with the kitchen and confirmed that each fried item had its own fryer and was safely GF.

While they do have a GF bun, I chose to have my burger as a Chopped Salad Bowl. The Sweet Potato Tots were a large portion and easily shared.

I’d return if I were in the area but don’t think I’d make a special trip.

2105 Ontario Street
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 302-1001

Also located in eastern US and Canada

Club Isabella

Little Italy, University Circle/Uptown Area


2175 Cornell Rd
in Little Italy at the corner of Random Rd. and Cornell Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44106

 Club Isabella does not have a dedicated gluten-free menu however meals are made to order and many menu items can be modified to accommodate the g-f diner.
The dining room at Club Isabella is quite lovely making this a very nice option for an evening of Fine Dining.  The restaurant is conveniently located for dinner before Cleveland Orchestra events or to complement a trip to any of the University Circle museums including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Botanical Gardens, and the Cleveland Historical Society!

Barocco Grill Lakewood



12906 Madison Ave.
Lakewood,  OH  44107


From Barocco’s website:

We can think of nothing better than creating fantastic and creative latin fare for you and your friends. We specialize in the art of Arepa Making.  Arepas are white hominy corn grilled pockets made in house and stuffed with a variety of ingredients you get to choose. Our Colombian inspired menu also contains a fusion of other dishes from around Latin America.






Multiple Locations


also at:  facebook.com/BurgerFi/

Cuyahoga Falls
2002 Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, United States
(330) 923-8701

8748 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH 44060, United States

Eileen writes:

BurgerFi is a newish chain in our area with 2 locations in NEOhio.   When I asked about getting their burger that they wrap in lettuce instead of a bun I was warned that the buns are everywhere in the kitchen. I wished that the employee would have said, “We have a procedure for that.” Now that I think about it I wish every restaurant I go to and say, I have to eat gluten-free or I have celiac would say that.

The nice thing about BurgerFi is that they have a lettuce wrap in a little cellophane baggie that goes halfway up the burger so that you can hold it and eat it.  I was surprised that it was 50 cents extra but it was so nice I was happy to pay it.

I also sent a comment to BurgerFi on their website suggesting that they have a procedure for preparing and serving GF.

Hudson’s Restaurant Fairlawn

2 locations – Fairlawn and Hudson


Hudson’s Restaurant – 2 locations

in Fairlawn

3900 Medina Rd – located on the SW corner of  Medina RD and Cleve-Mass.
Akron, OH  44333

in Hudson

80 N. Main St.
Hudson, OH 44236

Eileen writes:

Randy our waiter informed us that Hudson’s has a dedicated gluten-free fryer and kitchen prep area. We had french fries and an order of mashed potatoes was also specially prepared gluten-free. We also had a chopped salad and prime rib that were also great. Hudson’s also offers gluten-free pasta.  They don’t have a gluten-free menu because they want allergies to be called to their attention. They also have a dedicated kitchen area for people allergic to shellfish.

The Root Cafe

Lakewood Area


15118 Detroit Ave.
Lakewood,  OH  44107
e-mail – info@theroot-cafe.com

Our guest Stacy writes:
The Root Cafe in Lakewood is one of my favorite places.
There is always a fresh selection of GF baked goods and a variety of GF choices on the menu.
The restaurant is vegetarian and features items from local farmers and cheese producers.

Beachland Ballroom

East, Collinwood area, Waterloo neighborhood.


Beachland Ballroom
15711 Waterloo Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44110

Mariann writes:

This Sunday Brunch rocks!  Not only is there a DJ playing from vinyl, rocking two turntables so that there is a nary a pause from the tunes but the menu just rolls from one Gluten-free delight to the next!  By the time I made the decision which of the wonders I was going to choose from I had changed my mind 6 times.  First there was the Basic Breakfast or the Latkes and Apple Sauce or Eggs Beachland (including biscuits) or Buckwheat Pancakes or Deep South Biscuits and Gravy or seriously there is Chicken and Waffles:)  and while I was hyperventilating over all of these I turned the menu over only to see the clincher – Scrapple and Eggs!!    As a former resident of Philadelphia and passionate about Scrapple, I was In Love!!  I know you will be too!  But there is still more on the menu for your eyes and your belly to delight with!  Good luck deciding.  Better yet make it a date to go back over and over!!    Beachland is not a fussy place – it is basic and unpretentious – some might say it is a bit rough around the edges.  But the food is divine and if you are not a Sunday morning diner they do dinners and lunches plus you could catch a show too!  My fellow diners included a Vegan, Vegetarian and Traditional Omnivore – we all raved about our options!

Choolaah Indian BBQ

Chagrin Road, CELIAC BEWARE!!


27100 Chagrin Blvd,
Orange Village,
Ohio 44122
CALL: (800) 459-8860

Our site guest Rob E. writes  (5/10/16)

As a celiac, I am on the fence about this place.  The foreign cashier at the register was friendly, but he clearly did not understand that my food needed to be prepared separately.  I had to speak with one of the other servers who was extremely understanding and had them re-prep the “gluten free” dish with new gloves.  Nonetheless, I became good friends with the bathroom 60 minutes later.

The food was very good, but I am skeptical that the prep area is safe enough for true celiacs, especially given all the fresh Naan being handled by the staff.  I may give this place another try and will post an update; in the meantime, celiacs should use extreme caution here.


Diane writes:

Stopped by the new Choolaah Indian BBQ. The greeter at the door was knowledgeable and explained that while they do have gluten free items indicated on the menu, they are not appropriate for those of us with celiac disease. “Too much flour around”.

It’s a shame. It really smelled great and I was disappointed I could not eat there.

Emerald Necklace Tea House AND Bed and Breakfast

Kamm’s Corners area, Rocky River Reservation.

18840 Lorain Rd.
Fairview Park, OH 44126
email: stay@emeraldnecklaceinn.com
NEOCN Note:  gluten-free items are prepared in a shared kitchen
Innkeeper:  Gloria Cipri-Kemer
Gloria writes:
We have a wonderful gluten free high tea for our gluten free friends.
We do need a 48 hours notice.

Original Pancake House

Woodmere, Fairview Park


28700 Chagrin Blvd.
Woodmere, OH 44122

Fairview Park
3000 Westgate
Fairview Park, OH 44126

Diane writes:
Had the pleasure of eating breakfast at the Original Pancake House on Chagrin last week. GF pancakes are listed on the menu. The server was not knowledgeable about GF preparation and opined that I would not be able to order an egg dish. However the manager offered numerous options and confirmed that the canadian bacon and eggs with GF pancakes would be prepared GF. The restaurant was full at 9am on a weekday.

Manhattan Deli



Manhattan Deli
8900 Mentor Avenue
Mentor OH 44060
(440) 974-0055
Fax: (440) 974 0135

MaryLou writes (9-14)

While they do not have a GF menu, they are very careful about their food preparation.
I have eaten there numerous times.
Usually order broiled fish (several kinds), liver and onions, or smothered chicken.
Cannot order fries as they do not have a dedicated fryer.
Lots of various salads.
Baked potatoes after 4PM.
Very good food!

Slice Pizzeria



Slice Pizzeria
7345 Center St.
Mentor, OH 44060
(440) 290-7212

MaryLou writes (9-14):
Went to Slice on a Tuesday at 3:00 so I would not interfere with lunch/dinner crowd.
Waitress advised they make their own GF pizza.
After ordering she advised shell was made by Udi’s.
Toppings were very good but arrived an hour later & crust was over-baked.

As there are not a lot of GF pizzas in Mentor, I will give them another chance in the near future.



Provenance Restaurant

University Circle, Cleveland Museum of Art


Inside the Cleveland Museum of Art

11150 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Mariann writes (9/14)

Unexpectedly had the opportunity to visit the museum this Labor Day weekend and with no reservation for dinner found that their was room for a party of two at Provenance:)  Inquiries to the kitchen offered many options that could be modified in the kitchen.  This is not my favorite way to dine but I figured I would check it out and be appreciative of the opportunity to relax and have my meal prepared.  I chose to have a soup over salad – it is so rare to have the option –  going with Chilled Cucumber with Thai Chili and Creme Fraiche; super good!  Pureed cucumber with just the right bite of spice and the cool creaminess of the Creme Fraiche.   For my entree I had the Lamb dish with the lamb  cooked to perfection, still,  I was disappointed in the side dish which was supposed to be polenta but was really just corn grits – and not really good corn grits either.  One of the problems with modifications is that ingredients are subbed or completely removed with nothing added to build on the flavors.  Always a good question to ask –  the Risotto dish looked appealing and most likely would have had the depth of flavor I was seeking.  I would recommend Provenance next time you are visiting the museum but make specific inquiries on the components of the plate.

The Black Pig

Ohio City


1865 W 25th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
Ohio City

Mariann writes (9/14):

This past week I attended a viewing of the documentary movie “Rustbelt Rebels,  vol. one – A Day in the Night”  the story of emerging Chef Michael Nowak.  Chef Nowak is the Executive and Owner of The Black Pig!  Following the viewing I had the pleasure of speaking with Chef about the ability for the kitchen to manage meals that are gluten-free,  Celiac Friendly.  He was very positive about the kitchen’s ability to provide for g-f options due to the handmade nature of his menu, his personal hands-on approach and the fact that so many of the items on the menu are already naturally gluten-free.

I have not had the pleasure to eat at The Black Pig but I will be doing so soon and sponsoring an Eat With Event for NEOCN!   Stay tuned or make your own Eat Date at The Black Pig and post your comments here:)  As always, IT IS ADVISABLE TO CALL AHEAD, make a reservation and let them know your needs:)    Happy dining!



Cleveland Hts/Cedar and Lee


2196 Lee Rd.
Cleveland Hts.,  OH  44118

Mariann writes:

Lopez has been in business for over two decades serving Latin foods with a flare.  There is a full bar, outdoor patio, valet parking, private dining area and the menu has a selection of gluten-free items along with gluten-free beer – Green’s Amber Ale!  I have been dining at Lopez for almost as long as they have been open and have always had great food and service.  There are limited number of g-f selections including shrimp and grits, carnitas tacos and black beans with ham which are my personal favorites.  There are some others items that I have not tried yet:)  Let the management know that you saw this review – thank them for carrying g-f optionss and make recommendations for additional items to carry in the future (posted 9-14)


Piada Italian Restaurant

South Euclid (Cedar Center), Beachwood (Across from Ahuja), Rocky River and elsewhere in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan


3870 Richmond Rd (across from Ahuja Medical Center)
Beachwood, Ohio

13947 Cedar Road (Cedar Center)
South Euclid, Ohio 44118

19925 Center Ridge Road,
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

We ate lunch at Piada and we were excited to see a billboard in the restaurant announcing gluten-free options.  It looks like  the set up of Chipotle but very upscale and nice. We opted for the salads since they do not have gluten-free pasta or breads.  Be careful in the serving line as breadcrumbs were in one area. We asked to speak with the chef, and there is always a chef on hand. We asked for our salad items to be taken from the kitchen and not the line to avoid cross contamination. Almost all of the ingredients  were taken from the back. The chef seemed very knowledgeable about G.F. practices. The salad was great nicely tossed and containing a nice mixture not the regular bowl of lettuce with a few things on top. The serving line moves very quickly since it is designed for you to get your order and be able to return to work very quickly.



Little Italy


2198 Murray Hill Rd
Cleveland, OH 44106

(216) 721-0300

Mariann writes:

Super beautiful Saturday evening in Cleveland, The Summer Solstice.   Heading to the Cleveland Museum of Art Solstice Celebration we stopped first for dinner at Michelangelo’s in Little Italy.  While I was not sure what to expect since I will typically call ahead and find out the details of their gluten-free awareness I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are very accommodating.  Our server explained that they have gluten-free pasta and lots of sauces to have with it but since I do not typically eat pasta I was more interested in the Entree Offerings.  I was not disappointed.  The gluten-free options offered included two fish items, duck and tenderloin.   The evenings specials included a Mushroom Risotto and a Cioppino – both of which might have appealed to me but which I forgot to inquire about – next time!  Our server recommended either the Duck or the Tenderloin coupled with a risotto on the side and I opted for the duck!  It was perfectly prepared and totally yummy!  She also recommended the Arneis wine which was amazing and which I had never had before.  The restaurant was packed – including a huge private party in one of the dining rooms so service was a bit bogged down but our server was attentive and gracious and extremely helpful.    (6/14)

Chill Pop Shop

Local NEO area Farm Markets, Festivals and Events


also available for catered events

from the Chill Pop Shop facebook page:
Cleveland’s handmade artisan ice pops…totally fresh and naturally cool
Email us anytime at info@chillpopshop.com
Mariann writes:
Some of the ice pop flavors include Watermelon Lime, Sea Salt Strawberry Cream, Lemon Ricotta, and Cucumber Kiwi!  All are made single batch – using fresh, locally sourced farm market fruits (when available), organic cane sugar, and farm market creams and milks!  To date, all items are gluten-free, some are vegan, and many new flavors are being created.


Fears’ Confections

Cleveland/Collinwood Area


818  E 185th St.
Cleveland,  OH  44119



Mariann writes:

Cassandra Fears whips up lovely caramels, marshmallows, sponges and truffles in her kitchen then hand dips them one at a time for sweetly exquisite treats!  The chocolate she uses in the manufacture of her candies is gluten-free and the above items listed include only pure sugars, creams, and flavorings.

Note to the wary!  Cassandra does produce – in the same kitchen – brownies and other baked goods that are not gluten-free so (currently) this is a shared equipment facility. 

Crosswinds Grille



The Lakehouse Inn and Winery

5653 Lake Road East
Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 44041


Mariann writes:

Dinner at the Crosswinds Grille was a delight!  There are number of items on the menu indicated as gluten-free options including the Duck entree that was divine.   The property sits right on the lake in Geneva with amazing views and outdoor seating for enjoying your wine.  Dinners are not served outdoors as of yet.  If you are looking for a perfect stay-cation this is a great choice as they have the bed and breakfast, spa, winery and restaurant all within walking distance of Geneva on the Lake including the Geneva Lodge!  (6/14)




17100 Royalton Rd.  #11
Strongsville,  OH  44136

Pamela shares her experience:

Menu?  No

What did you order?
Salads, Steaks, Chicken

Was the server knowledgeable?

I dine at Trivs 2-3 times a month without incidence.  The staff is great about asking the kitchen any questions I need answered.  They are also great about changing the dishes (sauces, sides) to make it gluten-free.  They just switched the menu for the summer and I’m not as familiar with it yet, but I’m sure there will be a few items that I’ll be able to order with adjustments since they’re amazingly accommodating.


Multiple Locations



J Bella
12201 Pearl Road
Strongsville, Ohio 44136

Bucci’s Brick Oven Pizza
13373 Smith Road
Middleburg Hts, Ohio 44130

Bucci’s at the Crowne Plaza
7230 Engle Road
Middleburg Hts, Ohio 44130

Bucci’s Rocky River
19373 Hilliard Road
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

Thank you Pamela for your valuable comments:

Restaurants that I’ve dined at regularly without incidence but do not have a gluten-free menu.

What did you order?
salads, steaks, gf pasta

Was server knowledgeable?
Mostly – if not, they checked with the kitchen

When did you dine?
Mostly weekends, some weeknights.  I would recommend the two Bucci’s (J Bella and Crowne Plaza) because I’ve eaten at both several times without incidence. I dine at J Bellas 2-3 times a month and notice the staff is g-f aware.  They offer gf penne pasta, steaks and salads.

Crowne Plaza staff is not as gf aware but they are very nice about finding out the answers to your questions.  Not sure if they offer gf pasta but they do offer some of the same salads and steaks as J Bella.

Fresh Start Diner


Spotted by Sheila in Chagrin Falls:

Fresh Start Diner now serves Mrs Ps Gluten Free Bakery.

Fresh Start DinerMrs P at Fresh Start

Open until 2pm

9810 Ravenna Road
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

NOTE by Diane on 8/12/2016: RIP Fresh Start Diner in Chagrin Falls and Mrs. P’s Bakery. The Twinsburg location remains open.

Tree Hugger’s Cafe


NOTE: This review is from several years ago.

Their online GF menu is 3 years old and prices & options have changed, but you can use it as a guide for a discussion with staff.
When they served our group, the server was knowledgeable, but servers later could not answer if buckwheat pancakes were GF.
They have GF bread that was fresh. Their Kitchen is small, and their dining room is cafe-sized. Please be sure to remind them to use foil if food is prepared on shared grill, and request for food to be prepared
in a separate area.


1330 Bagley Road, Berea OH, 44017 which has a drive-thru for your convenience!

55 East College Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Convention Center and Global Center for Health Innovations (Medical Mart)


Contact Rosemary Macey, Catering Sales Coordinator

Catered by Levy Restaurants
Put the event title in the subject line along with the words “gluten free”.

1 St. Claire Ave., NE
Cleveland  44114


Cibreo Italian Kitchen

Playhouse Square

Cibreo Website

1438 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

(216) 862-9212

Why we must remember to always be our own advocate!
Last evening at the bar of Cibreo at PHS the bartender stated to a customer that both Corona and Budweiser beer are gluten-free.  While both of these beers may test low in gluten both include malted barley and are in fact NOT gluten-free.  The websites do not recommend them for consumption by the Celiac community.  It is true that some folks seem to tolerate these beers BUT we must remember that not being symptomatic does not mean that no effect is taking place. 


Home 4 Lunch Catering




email: info@home4lunch.com
Location: Stow, Ohio

From their website:

Home 4 Lunch is a family owned and operated catering service, providing our clients with event planning and catering for both personal in-home and business needs.

At Home 4 Lunch we have spent years developing recipes to bring the memories of home cooking to our clients.
We not only tantalize the pallets of the enthusiastic eater, our personal experience with Gluten-Free, Casein-Free (GF/CF), Sugar-Free, Egg-Free and Nut-Free diets offers creative and delicious alternatives for guests with special dietary needs.

We hope you’ll contact us to bring our Home to yours 4 Lunch.


My Pizzetta

N. Royalton

14290 State Road
North Royalton, OH 44133

Monday – Thursday // 11:00am – 10:00pm
Friday- Saturday // 11:00am – 11:00pm
Sunday // 11:00am – 6:00pm


Connie shares:

Mimi’s had an article about a red brick pizza shop called My Pizzetta that just opened in North Royalton. They have GF. My son and I tried their regular pizza so far and it was very good. Not a sit-down but have a drive through. Their number is 440 237 1770. Mimis has half off gift certificates available. A 9″ pizza is about $8.50 with a topping. They have a website with their menu. They get their crusts from Mrs. P’s in Bedford which I saw online is a completely gluten free bakery. They separate the ingredients for the making of the GF pizza. All pizzas go through the same oven, putting the gluten free on a screen.


Boneyard Grille

Multiple Locations


Multiple Locations – Independently Operated

101 E. Royalton Road
Broadview Heights OH 44147
corner of Royalton Road and Broadview Road

5900 Mayfield Road
Mayfield Heights OH 44124


Tonia says:

Boneyard Grille in Broadview Hts. has an small  gluten free menu and carries Red Bridge beer.




Tonia shares:

Last weekend, my husband and I dined at Shinto’s in Strongsville and to my surprise they’ve added a gluten free menu! In addition to the items listed on the GF menu, the traditional sushi rolls can all be made gluten free–and they also carry gluten free soy sauce.


17070 Pearl Rd.
Strongsville, OH, US 44136

Sun: 2:00PM – 9:00PM
Mon-Thu: 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Fri: 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Sat: 12:00PM – 11:00PM

Portia’s Cafe – Columbus


IB shares about a restaurant in the Columbus area:

We went out to eat at Portia’s restaurant which is a vegan and GF restaurant.  Small, hippy like.  I ordered a wrap which they make fresh and is so delicious – light and fluffy, not hard.  No bad aftertaste.   Exquisite.


3 Palms Pizzeria and Bakery

Hudson, Westlake


Hudson, OH 44236

281 Main Street
Westlake, OH 44236

Nicole writes:

I dined this past Saturday at 3 Palms Pizzeria in Hudson, at First & Main.  I had their gluten free pizza and it was incredible.  While it is not a dedicated kitchen nor do they have a specific gluten free menu, they do make their own crust in house. There was a $3 upcharge for the GF crust. Obviously a concern given that there are other flours, but I spoke with the manager who said that all pans were separate and they take precaution.  I was fine and didn’t get sick at all.  It was by far the best crust I have ever eaten out.  They also have gluten free desserts in the case, and my mother in law had purchased a decadent chocolate cake for my birthday from there over the summer.  


Fat Cats

Flats/Tremont Area


2061 West 10th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113



Bette shares:

GF Menu?: No What did you order?: hanger steak with veggies Was the server GF knowledgeable?: Yes, very knowledgeable Comments: We went to Fat Cats on a busy Saturday night. The server was extremely accommodating and knew precisely what I needed. She pointed out gluten free options, and indicated that the chef could modify many of the menu options to make them gluten free. The food was delicious, the service friendly. The ambiance was enjoyable, kind of a funky old house. I would recommend the restaurant. A couple tips: bring a slice of gluten free bread for the excellent (gluten free) tapenade. And be prepared to do a little negotiating about what is/isn’t safe to eat.

Thanks, Gay:

We had brunch on a Saturday at Fat Cats, 2061 W 10th, Cleveland (Tremont neighborhood) and the staff was eager to assist me with my gf needs. My choice was a mushroom omelet and they made sure to pan fry red skin potatoes so I could enjoy potatoes with my meal. Both were delicious and reasonably priced.  I have had light bite type suppers in the past and have been successful with their salads and soups. The owner is often in the kitchen and he has a positive attitude towards working with his customers. An added bonus is if you eat outside, you can glimpse Cleveland’s great skyline.



Shaker Square


13225 Shaker Sq.
Cleveland,  OH  44120




From Bette:

What did you order?: grilled chicken breast

Was the server GF knowledgeable?: reasonably knowledgeable

Comments: I went to Zanzibar on a Monday evening, when it was not at all crowded. It’s a lovely setting and the server was as helpful as she know how to be.
Unfortunately, there were very few gluten-free options, and it did not appear that the chef was able/willing to make changes to other options to make them safe.
My food was acceptable, but not really good. On the plus side, it really was gluten free.
I would not recommend this as a good choice for gluten free dining.

Lagerhead’s Smokehouse


From Tonia:

. . . tried a new restaurant in Medina (it’s in the middle of no where-there is a cornfield across the street!) called Lager Head’s. I was extremely pleased to learn they not only carry Red Bridge and Angry Orchard cider, but their menu is marked with gluten-free dishes! I had the sampler-pulled pork, wings, brisket, and ribs with collard greens and a salad. We even shared an order of GF pork rinds.

2832 Abbeyville Road
Medina, OH 44256

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday 11am-10pm Friday – Saturday 11am- 12am Sunday 11am- 9pm


Katz Club Diner

East/Shaker Sq.


1975 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights OH 44118


I enjoyed breakfast today at the Katz Club Diner. Tasty mushroom hash with poached eggs and GF toast.  Please have a careful discussion with your server.  While they serve Udi’s bread, they do not have a dedicated GF toaster.
When I asked about GF options the first suggestion was steel cut oats.  Sadly, they are commercial oats – not the pure GF oats – so are not safe for those of us with celiac disease.
(See discussion of oats and GF diet here: http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/theglutenfreediet/a/OatsForCeliacs.htm).

Yours Truly Restaurants

Multiple Locations


25300 Chagrin Blvd.
Beachwood, OH 44122
(216) 464-4848

30 North Main Street
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
(440) 247-3232,

36 South Main Street
Hudson, Ohio 44236
(330) 650-2900

6675 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44040
(440) 461-0000

3725 Medina Rd.
Medina, Ohio 44256
(330) 722-5800

7280 Center Street
Mentor, Ohio 44060
(440) 255-3003

8111 Rockside Rd.
Valley View, Ohio 44125
(216) 524-8111

13228 Shaker Square
Cleveland, Ohio 44120
(216) 751-8646.

From Colleen:

Yours Truly Chagrin Falls now has gluten free bread!

Diane adds:

I have not been to the Yours Truly Chagrin Falls location. I have recently eaten at the Mayfield Village and Shaker Square restaurants. I was not offered GF bread either place and they do not have a GF menu. The Mayfield Village personnel seemed more familiar with GF, and I had to spend quite a bit of time explaining cross contamination to the manager at Shaker Square. I usual order grilled chicken and a salad or an omelet. If you go, please discuss your GF options with your server and management.


Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt

East/Cleveland Hts./Coventry


1767 Coventry Rd
Cleveland Heights,  OH 44118
corner of Coventry and Mayfield.


Diane writes:

I enjoyed really tasty frozen yogurt this afternoon.  I was pleased that all flavors are gluten free and organic, many vegan. The toppings bar included fruit from the West Side Market and the helpful staff is willing to get toppings from the back, so no cross contamination.  They have a binder with ingredient lists and nutritional information.  They have vegan baked goods and sometimes gluten free baked goods which are individually wrapped, though no GF baked goods were available today.

Happy Dog

Lakewood/Cleveland border

Jane shares:

It’s my favorite GF spot.

They offer a GF menu in-house.  All their Dogs are served on GF buns; they
offer a vegan field dog (which I believe is GF but you’ll want to
double-check before endorsing it); they have 50 toppings to choose from,
many of which are GF; and they offer at least one GF beer.  I wouldn’t
recommend using the online menu on their site; it’s not the current menu
and the toppings and beer offerings regularly change.  Note: their mac and
cheese is NOT made with GF pasta, one time I made a poor (inebriated) choice.

5801 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland
(216) 651-9474

Monday – Thursday 4PM – 2:30AM
Friday – Sunday 11AM – 2:30AM

Diane adds: I called Happy Dog and the women with whom I spoke said that they do NOT have GF buns and that most GF patrons just order without a bun. Please double check when you visit and let us know about your experience.


East/Beachwood Place Mall


26300 Cedar Rd. #1103
Beachwood, OH 44122-1190

Phone: 216-755-3000
Fax: 216-595-9118
Carryout/Delivery Phone: 216-755-3005
Carryout Fax: 216-595-9169
Banquet Phone: 216-755-3013
Banquet Fax: 216-595-9137

Diane writes:

Maggiano’s at Beachwood Place has been a favorite of mine for years. They do not have a gluten free menu, but the chef visits the table and is happy to modify menu items.  Their GF pasta is tasty.  I was saddened to find that they introduced a new menu and now charge an additional $2 for GF pasta.  And, if you choose one of their “Classic Pastas” which include a portion to eat at the restaurant and another boxed to take home, you will be charged the $2 twice.  So the GF option is $4 more than the gluten containing pasta.

NOTE 10/17/17 by Diane: This location has closed and post moved to archive.



From: Bette

Restaurant Contact Info:
2417 Professor Ave Cleveland
(216) 781-8858

GF Menu?: No

What did you order?: Pork

Was the server knowledgeable?: Marginally

Comments: I was very disappointed in Fahrenheit. There was no gluten-free menu, and only three options on the entire menu (no desserts) were gluten free. If you go, you’d better like pork, because two of the three were pork. The server seemed uncertain about my needs–recommending a gluten-filled dessert in spite of my careful explanation of what I needed.

B Spot

Multiple Locations



Crocker Park
20 Main Street
Westlake, OH 44145

28699 Chagrin Boulevard –
Woodmere, OH 44122

18066 Royalton Road
Strongsville, OH 44136

Horseshoe Casino
100 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44113

Quicken Loans Arena – The “Q”
Open only during Cavs games

Cleveland Browns Stadium
Open only during Browns games and major events

Diane writes:

I had lunch this week at the B Spot on Chagrin at Eton.  A manager came to the table to explain my options – bunless burger or chicken.  All toppings were ok, except grilled onions.  No fries, as onion rings are made in the same oil.  Condiments and sauces are on the table and a pickle bar, with pickled tomatoes and onions, in addition to 2 kinds of cucumbers, is located in the center of the restaurant. The manager brought out a dish of the very delicious Coffee BBQ sauce and an assortment of fantastic pickled veggies at my request. One note:  In the service of our large table of mostly gluten eaters, my chicken arrived with a fry on the plate.  The server immediately returned the dish to the kitchen and the manager hand carried a newly made serving to me.

Have you tried B Spot?  What was your experience?


Spice Kitchen and Bar

Gordon Sq. Cleveland


5800 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
(Located across the street from our friends at the Happy Dog)
(216) 961-9637

Gay wrote:

Well, I will not be blogging happy comments about this place. Despite the “it’s no problem to do GF” that I was told yesterday, it was a problem.  I had a lentil soup and fresh salad but everyone else had wonderful hors d’oeuvres and entrées and desserts. Part of the problem was our waitress and part was the restaurant was packed and very noisy.  (And to add insult, the waitress divided the others’ hors d’oeuvres among all 5 of us and then charged me double.  So not only did I not get to eat it, I was charged twice the amount!)  I will not be returning to give them a second chance – there are so many places I really enjoy with excellent service and menus.

So, I do not suggest going to Spice if you are in the Gordon Square/Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.  I recommend Luxe down the street.

Danny Boy’s

Multiple Locations



20251 Lake Road
Rocky River, OH 44116

1315 Boardman Canfield Road
Youngstown, OH 44512
Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 10 pm
330-726-FRANK (3726)

8158 Broadview Rd.
Broadview Heights, OH 44147

6081 Dressler Road, NW
Canton, OH 44720
330-499-FRANK (3726)

8389 Mayfield Road
Chesterland, OH 44026
440-729-FRANK (3726)


Lara shares:

I recently went to Danny Boy’s (Italian Restaurant) and they now offer Gluten Free pizza. It was so wonderful. Even better was dining out with my family eating a similar food. It was so delicious. We went to the location in Broadview Hts but I believe there are 5 locations altogether. Please spread the word. They said I was only the 2nd GF pizza that they have sold.

Pappou’s Family Restaurant


MaryLou visited Pappou’s Family Restaurant, ordering Liver & Onions.  There is no gluten free menu.  She commented:

Would definately recommend.  The chef and the server provided numerous options.  Restaurant very clean & bright, seats 100.  Closed on Mondays.  Recommend asking server to check with chef.  Extensive menu.

8320 Snow Rd, Parma, OH 44129 – Corner of Pearl & Snow Road
(440) 888-9644


Ohio City

From: Bette

1835 Fulton
Cleveland, OH
(216) 694-2122

GF Menu?: Yes

What did you order?: guacamole, a pork dish

Was the server knowledgeable about GF?: Yes

Comments: Momocho has a very nice gluten free menu, and the server was helpful and knowledgeable. She checked on a couple items about which she wasn’t sure (although she had to be reminded to bring the veggies I needed to substitute for chips with my guacamole). The food was excellent.

Luxe Kitchen

Gordon Square Arts District (66th and Detroit Ave.)


6605 Detroit Rd.

Cleveland,  OH  44102



From Gay:

We recently ate dinner at Luxe Kitchen, 6605 Detroit Avenue (Gordon Square Arts District) on Cleveland’s west side. There is a new chef and a new menu. Happily, many items are now “naturally” gluten-free and I had delicious cheesy grits with chicken as my entree. To my delight, I was served a bowl of complimentary olives while others enjoyed the bread with our wine.  I could smell that bread but had those delicious olives to pop into my mouth!  Although nothing is officially identified as GF, a number of options turn out to be so. Their menu is on line at

Press Wine Bar


News from Gay:

“Last night we had dinner at the Press Wine Bar in Tremont. The experienced chef, Rachel, had marked gluten-free items on one of their menus for me and I had numerous options. I selected the Arrtic Char on a pureed sweet potato base…it was perfect. (Artic Char is similar to salmon for anyone who has not tried it.) Currently the restaurant opens at 4 pm but does plan to add lunches soon. To see their menu and location in this near west Cleveland neighborhood, go to www.presswinebar.com. or 216-566-9463.”

2221 Professor Avenue • in Historic Tremont • Cleveland


D’Agnese’s Trattoria and Cafe


Eileen shares:

D’Agnese’s Trattoria and Cafe at White pond is extremely gluten free
friendly. It is a very pretty restaurant with white table cloths.  They
offer gluten free pasta and will guide you to dishes that are or can be made
GF. They are very careful to ask if bread can even be put on your table.
Last time I was there I was offered two choices of GF cake for dessert. A
waiter came over to our table to rave about one of the Gf cakes and said he
would bet me that I would never know it was GF unless they told me and he
was right.

D’Agnese’s Trattoria and Cafe
566 White Pond Road, Akron


Ohio City

Information from Gay: Orale! at 1834 W. 25th St in the Ohio City neighborhood on the west side of Cleveland offers a number of menu options that they are willing to make gluten-free.  Today I tried their lobster gazpacho and the Pollo Ahumado.  I requested that my corn tortillas be cooked separately (i.e. not in the communal fryer) and they baked them for me. The staff is eager to please and the manager, Ann, is attentive to details. Both of my items were delicious and I will definitely return to try additional soups and entrees.  In addition to the friendliness of the staff, the restaurant is spotless – very reassuring when we are concerned about accidental cross-contamination. They are open from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm during the winter. I do suggest that you call ahead (216-862-3117) if there will be more than one GF-oriented diner so as to give Ann and her staff a heads-up. The restaurant has a small, but very cheery, dining area. Sounds really tasty!  If you have eaten there, too, please share your experience by commenting below.

Soho Kitchen and Bar

Ohio City

Gay says:

We stopped at Soho Kitchen and Bar (1889 W 25th) last Thursday evening (around 9 pm so they were not busy) and I was pleasantly shocked to discover they have taken one of their regular menus and marked the GF options on it.  There are several items in each category of appetizers, salads & soups, and entrees + they have one GF beer (Omission) – which I did not try.  It was not busy so the waitress had the opportunity to chat with me and said the chef is very happy to modify items that are not “naturally” gf.  I had the deviled eggs (wonderful) and the “Carolina Peanut” soup – also very good. This place serves “southern style” foods such as deep fried chicken on waffles –  and those items were not GF.  But, if you are with people going there, you can find a number of things to eat.

2/11/2013 update from Gay:

I returned to Soho Kitchen in the Ohio City neighborhood last week and tried another of their gluten-free dishes.  This time I ordered their shrimp, andouille  sausage and grits entree. I am not  fond of grits but this dish may have made me a believer.  It is divine. Soho Kitchen, 1889 W 25th St., Cleveland 216-298-9090.


Has anyone else tried it?  What was your experience?  Please comment below.

Gamekeeper’s Taverne

East/Chagrin Falls

Archived by Diane 12/19/2017 – Closed.


87 West Street
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022


This news from Gay:

We stopped at Gamekeeper’s Taverne in Chagrin Falls this past Saturday.  Since we had no reservation, we ate in the bar which was so fortunate as our waiter/bar tender was knowledeable about GF dining requirements.  He assured us, as did the restaurant manager, that their chef is very aware of what is GF and how to prepare foods to insure a GF meal. (For example, my entree had molasses in the preparation and although I said I was certain it would be fine, the waiter and chef read the label to be positive.) I chose their pork chop special that evening and it was divine.  We visit Chagrin Falls several times each year and if it is meal time, Gamekeepers’ is most likely our eventual destination.

GF in Chicago – Restaurant Reviews


Judy reports on her recent trip to Chicago:

We had a fabulous time in Chicago.  We went to the German restaurant and Roses Bakery.  Also, a restaurant/bakery called OMG! It’s Gluten Free, which is a gluten free facility.  They had the best chicken fingers.  They specialize in gf lasagna and chicken parmesan.  MaryLou and I both got frozen dinners to take home. They screwed up our order at the table so they gave both of us a free pound of choc chip cookie dough for home baking.  The place is in Frankfort.  But the absolute best of all was the French Cafe that did crepes.  OMG!!!!!  This was the best we have ever had of any gf restaurant!  We went to dinner Wed. night and loved it so much that we did breakfast there too on Thur. It’s a tiny place with 8 small tables and french ambiance with french music.  This french chef (he is literally French Morrocan trained in France) developed his own recipes for gf crepes.  He does savory, dessert, and breakfast crepes. All of the items on the menu can be made gf and he also does dairy free, soy free, corn free,  —  any allergy.  The place is called La France and is located in Lombard.  If you are in the Chicago area, this is an absolute must go.  The chef was so tickled that we would put his restaurant on our website that he kissed my hand.  Yikes!!

Here’s a list of the restaurants:

1) Bavaria Hof Restaurant in Schaumburg, IL – Gluten Free German food and beer Large gluten free menu

2) Rose’s Bakery & Cafe, Central St., Evanston IL. Worth the drive, lunch menu and bakery! GF Pita bread for wraps
Update: Closed.

3) OMG..It’s Gluten Free, Bakery & Café, Frankfort IL

4) La France, Lombard IL,  Gluten Free Crepes!

Wish we had these restaurants in Cleveland.  I might need to take a road trip.

Have you eaten at any of these restaurants?  Feel free to add your favorites to the list.

Stir Crazy

Lyndhurst/Legacy Vlg.


25385 Cedar Rd.
Lyndhurst,  OH  44124


Diane writes:

I am a fan of Stir Crazy at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst.  The restaurant features a Market Bar, a wok stir fry created while you watch.  Let the server know you are gluten free when you order and choose one of the gluten free sauces. My favorite is the teriyaki. Then fill your dish full of veggies. Skip the sauce section as the chef will get your gluten free sauce from the kitchen.  I really like communicating directly with the chef, making sure the wok and cooking spoon are washed prior to starting preparation of my food.  I also ask that my dish be cooked with no oil and they happily use water or vegetable or chicken broth instead.




Wolfgang Puck Express

University Circle


11100 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland,  OH  44106


Located:   University Hospital – Seidman Cancer Center

If you find yourself at University Hospitals, check out the Wolfgang Puck Express. While there was no gluten free menu, the cashier read from a list of items that could be prepared gluten free including Rotisserie Chicken, Salmon, Butternut Squash Soup, and Mashed Potatoes.  I enjoyed the very fresh Greek Salad with Chicken ($10).  The cashier said that allergy orders are prepared in a separate area of the kitchen.

Winking Lizard

BEWARE!!! Multiple Locations



No gluten-free foods are offered

Thanks for this news, Dan:

I ate at the Winking Lizard in Avon on Tuesday night.  They normally have Redbridge Beer and was surprised to hear that they substituted it for a beer called Omission from the Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in Oregon.  I can attest that it is the best tasting “GF” beer I’ve ever had, and had no reaction (I am celiac).   

Omission Beer is made with barley, like traditional beer.  But the brewers say they have found a way to remove the gluten and leave the taste. Each batch is tested for the presence of gluten. Have you tried Omission Beer?  What is your favorite gluten free beer?

4/21/14 NOTE by Diane: At this time gluten removed beers are not considered safe for people with celiac disease.  See this report by Tricia Thompson, the Gluten Free Watchdog.
See also this more recent post.

Cabin Club


Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your review of this restaurant:

Cabin Club
30651 Detroit Road Westlake, OH 44145

Server was extremely knowledgeable and if unsure about an ingredient, went immediately to kitchen to confirm. She also explained that my food would be prepared in a separate part of the kitchen and checked by the manager. There were two of the salad dressings that were gf, and all but one side were naturally gf-and that one (lobster mashed potatoes) could be made gf upon request. The food was excellent and well-prepared. A bit pricey, but well worth it. One of my better dining out experiences since being diagnosed with celiac last fall. I highly recommend this restaurant.

The restaurant does not have a gluten free menu. Have you tried it?  Please add a comment about your experience.

Elements Bistro

Midtown Cleveland/CSU


2300 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Thanks, Bette, for sharing your experience:

Located on the CSU campus, Elements is a popular lunch spot. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing on the menu that is naturally gluten free. Some of the salads can be made safe with omissions and substitutions, but choice is extremely limited. The knowledge level of the servers, and their attention to detail, is quite variable. Some are wonderful, others are either clueless or careless. On one occasion I was assured the salad dressing was safe, but got quite sick after eating it—now I bring my own.

Cowell and Hubbard

Downtown, Playhouse Sq.


1305 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Here’s a report from Bette about her experience:

Zach Bruell’s newest restaurant makes a point of accommodating gluten free diners. On my visits, they’ve proudly presented me with grilled gluten free bread and my own serving of olive oil for dipping. The servers are careful to check with the chefs about whether specific items are gluten free, and some items on the menu can be modified (a different sauce, for instance) to be made gluten free.

One caution: On my first visit, the server assured me that a particular desert was safe, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (and had no problem). On my next visit, when I ordered it again, the server told me it had gluten.

If you go, plan to arrive after  7, since this is a popular spot for theater audiences. The place clears out a bit at curtain time.

Fire Food And Drink

Shaker Square

Bette, thanks for this review:

Fire Food and Drink

13220 shaker square cleveland, ohio 44120
phone 216.921.3473

Fire is a Shaker Square institution, and is very accommodating to people needing gluten free food. While there’s no specific gluten free menu, many of the regular menu items are safe, and others can be made gluten free with substitutions, which the restaurant is very willing to provide. On every visit, I’ve had knowledgeable servers who were anxious to make sure I had a good experience.  Because the kitchen is open, you can hear them shouting “gluten free” to the cooks when they place the order.

The restaurant has a warm, casual atmosphere and excellent food with an emphasis on locally supplied produce and meats.



East/Shaker Sq.


12502 Larchmere Blvd.

Cleveland, OH 44120


Thanks for this review, Bette:

Felice is a trendy bistro located in Larchmere. It has a small menu, but on every visit, there have been at least a couple of gluten free options.  The food is quite good, and the atmosphere is lively. In the summer, there’s a great terrace for outdoor dining.

Two caveats: 1) The kitchen is tiny, and while I’ve never had a problem when I’ve eaten there, I do wonder how they manage to avoid cross contamination (of which they seem quite aware); and 2) the knowledge of the servers was variable. On a couple occasions, the server knew exactly what was needed, and was relentless in making sure my food was safe. On another occasion, the server seemed both clueless and not entirely committed to making sure I got a safe meal.

Anatolia Café

East/Cedar-Lee District


2270 Lee Rd.
Cleveland Heights OH 44118
(west side of Lee and south side of Cedar rd)

216 – 321 – 4400

Thanks, Bette, for sharing this review:

This is another Turkish restaurant that has quite a number of gluten free foods, even though it does not have a specific gluten free menu. Unlike the Istanbul Grill, the rice is NOT safe because it includes orzo. But otherwise, many of the appetizers, main dishes, and sides are naturally gluten free, and the food is quite good. Many of the servers are Turkish, and having a Turkish-language restaurant card might be helpful. While they were quite willing to respond to specific instructions, it was not always clear that they completely understood what was being asked.

Istanbul Grill


NOTE: 6/15/17 Archived by Diane – Closed.


Bette shared her exerience:

Istanbul Grill

2505 Professor Avenue Tremont Cleveland OH 44113
T: (216) 298-4450 F: (216) 373-6555

While there is no gluten free menu, many options on the regular menu are naturally gluten free. For example, many of the meats are cooked on spits that do not come in contact with gluten (it’s important to ask that they not be finished on the grill, which is used to warm breads). The rice and vegetable side dishes, as well as many of the salads, are safe.  And the food is very good. It was easy to get a delicious and healthy gluten free meal.

On my recent visit the server needed to be informed, but was very helpful and accommodating once I explained what was needed.

Zinc Brasserie


Gay shares her recent restaurant experience: I ate lunch at the Zinc Brasserie, 142 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, OH today.  And as always, the service was excellent and the kitchen was helpful in assuring me a GF entree. Today I chose the Salmon Nicoise salad.  Although Sandusky is an hour west of Cleveland via Rte 2 or the turnpike, folks head there for the ferries to the islands and Cedar Point. Zinc Brasserie is an option for either lunch or dinner should you be in the downtown business district.  You may wish to call ahead for a reservation and to give them the heads up that you are seeking a GF meal since their menu does not make any GF or other allergen designations. Their menu is on their website (zincbrasserie.net) plus they always have daily specials on their chalk board.

Horseshoe Casino

Public Square


100 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44113

216) 297-4777

Worth the Gluten-free Gamble?

So, you’ve worked up an appetite at the casino and want to spend your winnings.  What gluten free options are available?  Don’t bother going downstairs to the buffet as they won’t accommodate you.  Instead head up to the food court. 

If you are in the mood for salad you are in luck.  Rosie & Rocco’s will make any of their salads gluten free.  Just inform the cashier that you need to have the salad made in a clean bowl. 

The B Spot also has salad, as well as tomato soup, pulled pork and, of course, burgers without buns. 

Alternatively, step outside to get some fresh air.  And try one of the many great nearby restaurants.

See our restaurant page for suggestions.

Domino’s Pizza

(Controversial) Multiple Locations

Domino’s has pizza with gluten free crust.

Monday, Domino’s, the world’s largest delivery pizza chain, will announce plans to sell a pizza made with a gluten-free crust.

That is the thrilling start to the article on usatoday.com  What follows is quite concerning:

“We are the first national pizza delivery chain to offer this,” boasts Domino’s CMO Russell Weiner, who notes that while the crust is certified gluten-free, the pizza is still prepared in ovens with pizzas that aren’t gluten-free, so folks who are extra-sensitive need to be aware. The gluten-free pizza costs about $3 more. Most gluten-free products typically do cost more to make.

From the Domino’s press release:

While Domino’s new Gluten Free Crust is appropriate for those with mild gluten sensitivity, Domino’s and the NFCA do not recommend it for those with celiac disease. Domino’s and the NFCA found that while the crust is certified as gluten free, current store operations at Domino’s cannot guarantee that each handcrafted pizza will be completely free from gluten.

So, the crust is certified GF, but cross-contamination is a real concern.  I think I’ll skip it.  How about you?  Have you tried it?  Share your experience by commenting below.


Lorenzo’s Pizza


From Lynn: Please post about Lorenzo’s Pizza in Oberlin. They serve medium size only gluten-free pizza. For a vegetable deluxe I paid $12.75 for a “to die for” pizza. I can’t remember when I’ve had such great tasting pizza. This pizza will rival even regular pizza. They serve regular pizza and Italian dishes. But I can guarantee, Lorenzo’s is the best gluten-free pizza in the land. I challenge anyone to try Lorenzo’s. http://www.lorenzospizza.com/ 52 1/2 South Main St Oberlin, OH 44074 (440) 775-0118 Have you tried Lorenzo’s?  Tell us what you think by commenting below.


Lake County/Mentor


8434 Mentor Ave.,
Mentor, OH 44060
inside Lawnfield Inn & Suites



Bob shared a review of Skye:

GF Menu?: Yes

Order: Crusted calamari app, seared Mahi served with butternut squash, baby spinach & quinoa entree.

Comments: Dined 4/27, the first day for the GF menu. New Executive Chef, Mariann Offtermatt, herself a Celiac, was kind enough to come to our table and chat about the menu and her plans. The meal was wonderful as is the dining room and staff. I highly recommend Skye for a spectacular dining experience in Mentor. My wife (not GF) and  I will return often. A couple of burgers are available on Udi’s buns for those who want Skye’s “Pub Fare”.

Thanks Mariann for sharing these pictures of some of the gluten free menu items:


Have you eaten at Skye?  Please share your experience by commenting below.