Gluten-Free Summer Camp Ohio

Gluten-Free Summer Camp

Camp Y-Noah (near Akron)

August 3-9, 2014

Cost  $455.00

Come join in the fun!
At the first year of Gluten Free Camp at Camp Y-Noah!
Registration and info at

From their website:
“We started this camp because our daughters have attended Gluten Free Camp at Camp Manitou-Lin in Michigan for past few years and they had a wonderful time (Thank You Greta and Nicole). Our only problem was the drive to get them there and the drive to bring them home; 10 hours round trip.

Through the years we had discussed how nice it would be for there to be a camp closer to home. Then we came across Camp Y-Noah.  The head of their food service is a celiac and they already provide gluten free options during regular Y camp and actually serve all gluten free food during their diabetic camp week. They were happy to help us start the first Ohio Gluten free Camp!

The children will be doing normal camp activities.  Some of the options they will have are, a 55 foot alpine tower, climbing a rock wall with zip line, high and low rope courses, canoeing , swimming, horseback riding, team building, camp fires, gaga ball, archery and crafts.  The cabins will be organized by Boy / Girl and age once we know who is attending.

We are planning on having visits from a pediatric gastroenterologist and a gluten free nutrition expert to have age appropriate conversations about why they are gluten free, what to pack for school lunches, what to eat when they are unexpectedly at a friend’s house and reading labels.

Deah and Nicole”

Bob Evans

Multiple Locations

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS in Greater Cleveland and Suburbs

Diane writes:

I had the pleasure of joining my family for breakfast at the new Bob Evans at Cedar Center (South Euclid) last week.  On arrival, I spoke with a manager who well understood my needs, addressing my concerns about kitchen cross contamination.  While they did not have a gluten free menu, the manager printed allergen information.  I ordered the basics, eggs and bacon, and he personally cooked my food and checked several times to make sure that everything was ok.

4/21/14 NOTE by Diane:  I have eaten here a number of times with great success. Bob Evans now has a gluten free menu.  There are multiple locations in the greater Cleveland area.

9/13/15 NOTE by Diane: There is no GF menu on their website.  I have not been into a restaurant recently so they may have one available at the location.  Here’s a link to their nutritional and allergen information.  Scroll to find the allergen information.  They advise alerting a manager to your needs.

9/18/15 NOTE by Diane:  I had dinner at the Bob Evans in Mayfield Heights.  They had a laminated GF menu.  Despite ordering from the GF menu and being very specific about my order, the meal served obviously contained gluten.  Be careful, as always.

Raisin Rack Gluten Free Sampling

Toni passed along an email from Denise at the Canton Raisin Rack:

Hi everyone, Just to let you know that Raisin Rack will be having GF samplings the 2nd Sat of the month begining July 14th thru Sep 8th. Different vendors each mo.  It will give you the opportunity to see the new expansion & remodel, a whopping 8000 sq. ft.! Hope to see you.

Cabin Club


Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your review of this restaurant:

Cabin Club
30651 Detroit Road Westlake, OH 44145

Server was extremely knowledgeable and if unsure about an ingredient, went immediately to kitchen to confirm. She also explained that my food would be prepared in a separate part of the kitchen and checked by the manager. There were two of the salad dressings that were gf, and all but one side were naturally gf-and that one (lobster mashed potatoes) could be made gf upon request. The food was excellent and well-prepared. A bit pricey, but well worth it. One of my better dining out experiences since being diagnosed with celiac last fall. I highly recommend this restaurant.

The restaurant does not have a gluten free menu. Have you tried it?  Please add a comment about your experience.

Elements Bistro

Midtown Cleveland/CSU

2300 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Thanks, Bette, for sharing your experience:

Located on the CSU campus, Elements is a popular lunch spot. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing on the menu that is naturally gluten free. Some of the salads can be made safe with omissions and substitutions, but choice is extremely limited. The knowledge level of the servers, and their attention to detail, is quite variable. Some are wonderful, others are either clueless or careless. On one occasion I was assured the salad dressing was safe, but got quite sick after eating it—now I bring my own.

Cowell and Hubbard

Downtown, Playhouse Sq.

1305 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Here’s a report from Bette about her experience:

Zach Bruell’s newest restaurant makes a point of accommodating gluten free diners. On my visits, they’ve proudly presented me with grilled gluten free bread and my own serving of olive oil for dipping. The servers are careful to check with the chefs about whether specific items are gluten free, and some items on the menu can be modified (a different sauce, for instance) to be made gluten free.

One caution: On my first visit, the server assured me that a particular desert was safe, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (and had no problem). On my next visit, when I ordered it again, the server told me it had gluten.

If you go, plan to arrive after  7, since this is a popular spot for theater audiences. The place clears out a bit at curtain time.

Anatolia Café

East/Cedar-Lee District

2270 Lee Rd.
Cleveland Heights OH 44118
(west side of Lee and south side of Cedar rd)

216 – 321 – 4400

Thanks, Bette, for sharing this review:

This is another Turkish restaurant that has quite a number of gluten free foods, even though it does not have a specific gluten free menu. Unlike the Istanbul Grill, the rice is NOT safe because it includes orzo. But otherwise, many of the appetizers, main dishes, and sides are naturally gluten free, and the food is quite good. Many of the servers are Turkish, and having a Turkish-language restaurant card might be helpful. While they were quite willing to respond to specific instructions, it was not always clear that they completely understood what was being asked.

Zinc Brasserie


Gay shares her recent restaurant experience: I ate lunch at the Zinc Brasserie, 142 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, OH today.  And as always, the service was excellent and the kitchen was helpful in assuring me a GF entree. Today I chose the Salmon Nicoise salad.  Although Sandusky is an hour west of Cleveland via Rte 2 or the turnpike, folks head there for the ferries to the islands and Cedar Point. Zinc Brasserie is an option for either lunch or dinner should you be in the downtown business district.  You may wish to call ahead for a reservation and to give them the heads up that you are seeking a GF meal since their menu does not make any GF or other allergen designations. Their menu is on their website ( plus they always have daily specials on their chalk board.

Akron Rib Festival

Thanks, Angie, for researching the upcoming Akron Rib Festival, July 2-4. Just thought I would share some info I found when emailing some of the vendors of the Akron Rib Festival for next week.  I emailed all of the attendees that I could locate and only three got back to me.  Carolina Rib King states their sauce is gluten free.  BG’s Main Event states their sauce contains gluten.  Big Boned BBQ had a great email back “Thanks for taking the time to contact us. All of our sauce and rub is gluten free and we would love to have all of you (members of the support group) visit our booth. Please come by and introduce yourself to me so I can thank you in person. See you in Akron. Pat Nelson Big Boned BBQ”

Tommy’s on Coventry

Cleveland Hts./Coventry

1824 Coventry Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
Mariann (writes 8-14)
Lunch at Tommy’s last week included a g-f veggie burger on a g-f bun, fries, and a cheddar grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.   Tommy’s has been taking care of me and my family with all our gluten/vegan/dairy issues for years – graciously, intelligently and with great integrity.  It is so exciting to see a dedicated gluten-free menu, lots of options, and especially great food!  One reason they are always busy!









Thanks, Emily, for the following review:

I have been to Tommy’s in Coventry many times before.  They have always been very accommodating regarding gluten free food, though there were still limitations to their menu, and only a few options.  However, when I went to eat lunch there last week, I was plesantly surprised.  When I asked my server for the gluten free menu, she informed me that they now have gluten free bread and a dedicated fryer.  This means that a huge portion of the menu is now safe for gluten free customers!  The falafel is gluten free, as are the french fries.  Almost all of the sandwiches are now able to be ordered gluten free.  My waitress at Tommy’s was extremely knowledgeable and seemed excited to share the gluten free options available to me. I ordered the Ceebee sandwich (falafel, veggies, homos, sunflower seeds, cheese and sesame sauce) and french fries.  It was fantastic.When my meal arrived, my french fries had a toothpick in them to distinguish them from my friend’s fries that were likely fried in the normal fryer.  The waitress also made a point to tell me that she checked to make sure, and the sesame dressing was gluten free (I hadn’t asked!).   I also noticed while I was there that there was gluten free granola available, as well as some gluten free cookies. 

I wish other restaurants would realize what Tommy’s has- with simple modification or two (in this case gluten free bread and a dedicated fryer), it can be very easy to accommodate gluten free customers.



Images added 8/18/14:







Lorenzo’s Pizza


From Lynn: Please post about Lorenzo’s Pizza in Oberlin. They serve medium size only gluten-free pizza. For a vegetable deluxe I paid $12.75 for a “to die for” pizza. I can’t remember when I’ve had such great tasting pizza. This pizza will rival even regular pizza. They serve regular pizza and Italian dishes. But I can guarantee, Lorenzo’s is the best gluten-free pizza in the land. I challenge anyone to try Lorenzo’s. 52 1/2 South Main St Oberlin, OH 44074 (440) 775-0118 Have you tried Lorenzo’s?  Tell us what you think by commenting below.

Bistro of Green


Gay shared her recent experience at Bistro of Green, 3459 Massillon Road, Uniontown, OH, 330-896-1434. First of all, we arrived at 5:10 without a reservation (they open at 5:00) and they gave us the last available table! The GF menu is extensive and affordable. I ordered a pasta entree with chicken and asparagus. There were three GF options for the numerous pasta dishes – a gf pasta; julienned vegetables; or sauteed spinach. I chose the julienned vegetables and was very happy with it. Although this is over an hour from my home, it is worth returning to try another option – as they have many GF choices. (It was a “real” menu on several pages!) That sounds great!  Have you eaten there?  Share your review by commenting below.

3459 Massillon Rd.

Uniontown,  OH  44685




Lake County/Mentor

8434 Mentor Ave.,
Mentor, OH 44060
inside Lawnfield Inn & Suites



Bob shared a review of Skye:

GF Menu?: Yes

Order: Crusted calamari app, seared Mahi served with butternut squash, baby spinach & quinoa entree.

Comments: Dined 4/27, the first day for the GF menu. New Executive Chef, Mariann Offtermatt, herself a Celiac, was kind enough to come to our table and chat about the menu and her plans. The meal was wonderful as is the dining room and staff. I highly recommend Skye for a spectacular dining experience in Mentor. My wife (not GF) and  I will return often. A couple of burgers are available on Udi’s buns for those who want Skye’s “Pub Fare”.

Thanks Mariann for sharing these pictures of some of the gluten free menu items:


Have you eaten at Skye?  Please share your experience by commenting below.

Parent & Kid's Event, "Celebrating Earth Day"

Sue and Giordana hosted an event for kids and parents this past Sunday, April 22.

Sue reports about the fun:

Giordana had made a bunch of earth day themed games: memory games, word search, etc.  These were great for the kids to complete while we waited for the rest of the families to arrive.  She also made edible ‘dirt’ for the kids to enjoy.

We started out the meeting with a little lesson on recycling and how long it takes for different products to biodegrade (plastic takes 500 years!).  We had the kids decorate sugar cookies to look like Earth and then they made planters out of egg shells.

Pura Vida

Public Square

Pura Vida Restaurant
Public Square
170 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Positive reports from the April 18, 2012 gluten free dinner hosted by Pura Vida.

Mariann has shared pictures from the event:

course 1 –   Shrimp toast

course 2 –   Duck confit enchilada with smokey tomatillo and black bean sauce

course 3 –   Tsao’s style short rib with edamame, enochi, and bamboo rice

finale  –       Rhubarb and Strawberry crisp!!

Mariann reported a second Dinner at Pura Vida September 2012.

Pura Vida Restaurant
Public Square
170 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
216.987.0100 l