The Black Pig

Ohio City

1865 W 25th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
Ohio City

Mariann writes (9/14):

This past week I attended a viewing of the documentary movie “Rustbelt Rebels,  vol. one – A Day in the Night”  the story of emerging Chef Michael Nowak.  Chef Nowak is the Executive and Owner of The Black Pig!  Following the viewing I had the pleasure of speaking with Chef about the ability for the kitchen to manage meals that are gluten-free,  Celiac Friendly.  He was very positive about the kitchen’s ability to provide for g-f options due to the handmade nature of his menu, his personal hands-on approach and the fact that so many of the items on the menu are already naturally gluten-free.

I have not had the pleasure to eat at The Black Pig but I will be doing so soon and sponsoring an Eat With Event for NEOCN!   Stay tuned or make your own Eat Date at The Black Pig and post your comments here:)  As always, IT IS ADVISABLE TO CALL AHEAD, make a reservation and let them know your needs:)    Happy dining!


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