One thought on “The Soup Pot”

  1. So, I’m a bit of a cake buff.

    In the way Carl Sagan could be said to be a “star guy,” or Charles Darwin could be considered a “bird enthusiast.”

    Cake is pretty much the zenith of all earthly things to me. It is something in which I rarely indulge, being a health fiend as well, but the thing for which I pined most mournfully when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease 12 years ago. I slowly got over pizza, I stepped away from mac-and-cheese, moved past muffins, cookies, and even bread… But cake. Cake burrowed into my heart and stuck there like a snuggly little hedgehog and refused to move.

    I have set myself on a divine quest for near-perfect gluten-free cakes for the past decade. To my vast surprise, the cakes of which I am most enamored at the moment come from Northeast Ohio, and come from this restaurant, without a hint of “bakery” in its name.

    I must emphasize this, as an afficianado: The Soup Pot makes exceptional cakes.
    They offer these in chocolate, carrot with cream cheese icing, and banana (with banana cream cheese icing). An entire cake needs to be specially ordered to pick up, and is well worth it, but you can also buy individual slices of cake (and very generous ones, I might add) to try for yourself.

    If you, like me, possess not only a sweet tooth but perhaps the sweet teeth of an entire rural town, treat yourself to a slice (…or a cake) from The Cake Pot.
    I mean, the Soup Pot.

    You won’t regret it.

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