Tommy’s on Coventry

Cleveland Hts./Coventry

1824 Coventry Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
Mariann (writes 8-14)
Lunch at Tommy’s last week included a g-f veggie burger on a g-f bun, fries, and a cheddar grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.   Tommy’s has been taking care of me and my family with all our gluten/vegan/dairy issues for years – graciously, intelligently and with great integrity.  It is so exciting to see a dedicated gluten-free menu, lots of options, and especially great food!  One reason they are always busy!









Thanks, Emily, for the following review:

I have been to Tommy’s in Coventry many times before.  They have always been very accommodating regarding gluten free food, though there were still limitations to their menu, and only a few options.  However, when I went to eat lunch there last week, I was plesantly surprised.  When I asked my server for the gluten free menu, she informed me that they now have gluten free bread and a dedicated fryer.  This means that a huge portion of the menu is now safe for gluten free customers!  The falafel is gluten free, as are the french fries.  Almost all of the sandwiches are now able to be ordered gluten free.  My waitress at Tommy’s was extremely knowledgeable and seemed excited to share the gluten free options available to me. I ordered the Ceebee sandwich (falafel, veggies, homos, sunflower seeds, cheese and sesame sauce) and french fries.  It was fantastic.When my meal arrived, my french fries had a toothpick in them to distinguish them from my friend’s fries that were likely fried in the normal fryer.  The waitress also made a point to tell me that she checked to make sure, and the sesame dressing was gluten free (I hadn’t asked!).   I also noticed while I was there that there was gluten free granola available, as well as some gluten free cookies. 

I wish other restaurants would realize what Tommy’s has- with simple modification or two (in this case gluten free bread and a dedicated fryer), it can be very easy to accommodate gluten free customers.



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  1. Tommy’s has been a family favorite for 30+ years, always our go-to when downtown or when celebrating something special. Since our daughter was diagnosed with celiac, we have often wished we could enjoy Tommy’s and suspected that, of all places, Tommy’s would understand and accommodate safe gluten free, but not wanting to risk it without really knowing. We are so, so happy to read your review and to verify that, indeed, Tommy’s gives us reason to call it our favorite once again!!!!

  2. Being a GF/Vegetarian family, we have eaten at Tommy’s for years. I must say, I have never had issues with even cross contamination. They have a dedicated fryer and the best vegetarian french onion soup ever found, available with gluten free bread also if you choose. Dairy free options are available as well. They brought out the packaged loaf of rice bread to show me because I commented on the tastiness and wished to purchase since it is sold commercially. Great experience

  3. I have eaten gluten-free at Tommy’s for years. My main meal has been the tamale platter (indicated as gluten-free on their general menu for some time now) and a Rice Dream shake (they phoned Pierre’s ice cream co. years ago to see if I could have their regular shakes and Pierre’s would not “guarantee” gluten-free, so I just have the Rice Dream shakes). Rice Dream shakes are more expensive, but the container Tommy’s makes them in is about 2 shake glasses worth. If you can’t finish 2 shakes with your meal, just ask for the second half of the container in a to-go cup – and sip it all the way home!

  4. Ate at Tommy’s last week. They are introducing a gluten free menu with lots of selections. The server really knew her stuff and was reassuring about the kitchen precautions to ensure gluten free safety. See images of the front of the menu and veggie burger on GF bun, fries and grilled cheese on GF bread, at the bottom of the above post.

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