Town Hall

Ohio City, W 25th St.

1909 West 25th St
Cleveland, OH 44113


UPDATE 5/10/16

From Mariann:

I’ve recently had the pleasure of dining at Town Hall three times in the past 2 months.  At TownHall you will find a menu that includes all options of preparation – traditional, gluten-free, gluten-free available, vegetarian, and vegan.  They have been hard at work updating and keeping their menu relevant to all diners.  This is a really busy place to go, plan to wait, but enjoy the options.  Last visit I had the lamb burger with the g-f bun (too much bun for me but it was appreciated that it was available) and probably the best mug of bone broth ever (outside my own kitchen).  I opted for the vegetable medley since I was having a burger on bun and the vegetables were super even for this not-a-vegetable eater!  I opted for a bloody mary while everyone else was having beer since they don’t offer a simple g-f beer (ciders and kombuchas only).  While the drink was extravagant and wonderful my personal choice will always be a beer so I was a tad disappointed, but hey, I got my veg for the day!

From Gay (2013)

I ate lunch at the newest restaurant in Ohio City, Town Hall.
There are numerous items marked “GF” or “AGF” on their menu.
AGF indicates they can modify to make gluten-free.
I had a salad and a really delicious bowl of chicken chili.
It was very busy so I did not have the opportunity to determine if they use a dedicated fryer for their potato fries – which they indicate are GF

3 thoughts on “Town Hall”

  1. Had an overall good experience at Town Hall on Mother’s Day. The place was packed as the Cavs were playing. LONG wait to be seated. We were then placed at a table which would have required us to bend forward the entire time (would have been like eating at a coffee table). No thank you! The service was mediocre. The wrong appetizer was sent, the correct one delivered long after we received our meals, there was quite a delay on getting the food out.

    Now for the positive: Each person in our party of 5 enjoyed our meals and the appetizers (nachos/guac; Thai peppers). The menu items were designated GF or GFA as stated below. I (the only one required to eat GF) ordered a burger on a GF bun which was actually quite enjoyable (I usually avoid GF buns because most are not worth eating.) The taste was quite good and the shoestring fries were also enjoyable.

    All-in-all, the experience was a good one at Town Hall and I will definitely go back.

  2. I enjoyed a really delicious lunch yesterday. The servers were friendly and gladly made trips to the kitchen to inquire about the gluten free preparation of menu items. Chef Josh came to the table to answer further questions and was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Prosciutto Wrapped Dates and the Metta Bowl.

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