Yellow Box and Honey Nut Cheerios Recall

General Mills Inc. is recalling 1.8 million boxes of gluten-free yellow box Cheerios and Honey Nut cereal because they may contain wheat and therefore are not gluten free. This is a Class I recall because an allergen is involved and involves only one batch of all Cheerios manufactured. Consumers with wheat allergies, celiac disease or gluten intolerance should not consume products bearing the affected code dates and should contact General Mills for a replacement or full refund.

According to the GM press release, the bad lots were produced at the facility in Lodi, California during a four-day period for Yellow Box and thirteen-day period for Honey Nut. Cause for the recall was human error. If you have boxes of Cheerios in your pantry, the recall includes boxes with certain “Better if Used By” code dates and the plant codes LD which indicate it was made in Lodi, CA. Questions? Call 1-800-775-8370. (I called. My box was 18JUL2016 CR141107C. The CR stands for Cedar Rapids, therefore my box was not a recall box). The recalled codes made in Lodi are:

Honey Nut Cheerios
12JUL2016LD; 13JUL2016LD; 14JUL2016LD; 15JUL2016LD; 16JUL2016LD; 17JUL2016LD; 18JUL2016LD; 20JUL2016LD; 21JUL2016LD; 22JUL2016LD; 23JUL2016LD; 24JUL2016LD; 25JUL2016LD

Yellow box Cheerios
14JUL2016LD; 15JUL2016LD; 16JUL2016LD; 17JUL2016LD

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  1. What I want to know is this: What about these companies makes us think that we should trust them with our health? Why is the CD community so willing to hand off their health interest to companies that want to make things gluten cleaned, gluten reduced (read Omission Beer), gluten friendly, or gluten-light/lite? Yes, I am making up the last two, as far as I know, but the g-f diet will give you back your life. You may have to work it since there are so many levels where problems can occur – mine is oats – can’t have ’em no matter what!! We, each and every one, must be our own advocates and we must be smart about our choices else we have no one to blame but ourselves. Because in the end you make the choice to gamble your health – or NOT!!!

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