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Gluten-Free Summer Camp Ohio

Gluten-Free Summer Camp

Camp Y-Noah (near Akron)

August 3-9, 2014

Cost  $455.00

Come join in the fun!
At the first year of Gluten Free Camp at Camp Y-Noah!
Registration and info at

From their website:
“We started this camp because our daughters have attended Gluten Free Camp at Camp Manitou-Lin in Michigan for past few years and they had a wonderful time (Thank You Greta and Nicole). Our only problem was the drive to get them there and the drive to bring them home; 10 hours round trip.

Through the years we had discussed how nice it would be for there to be a camp closer to home. Then we came across Camp Y-Noah.  The head of their food service is a celiac and they already provide gluten free options during regular Y camp and actually serve all gluten free food during their diabetic camp week. They were happy to help us start the first Ohio Gluten free Camp!

The children will be doing normal camp activities.  Some of the options they will have are, a 55 foot alpine tower, climbing a rock wall with zip line, high and low rope courses, canoeing , swimming, horseback riding, team building, camp fires, gaga ball, archery and crafts.  The cabins will be organized by Boy / Girl and age once we know who is attending.

We are planning on having visits from a pediatric gastroenterologist and a gluten free nutrition expert to have age appropriate conversations about why they are gluten free, what to pack for school lunches, what to eat when they are unexpectedly at a friend’s house and reading labels.

Deah and Nicole”

Store Brands are Going Gluten Free

…And Some Mainstream Companies are Adding GF versions!

1) Walmart has a line of gluten free products from their Great Value line.
2) The Fresh Market chain also has their own line of GF products. In Shaker Hts., there is one at 20233 Van Aken Blvd.
3) Meijer has its own GF pasta
4) Giant Eagle has its own GF version of Corn Chex
5) Aldi’s has increased their gluten free offerings and are actively advertising them.
6) Freschetta brand now has 2 certified GF pizzas: Four Cheese Medley, and Pepperoni, both are thin crust and were spotted at Kroger’s for $9.99.
7) Breton Crackers now has 2 GF flavors: Original with Flax and Herb and Garlic, certified GF.

If you spot any other stores doing the same, please reply and let our members know. Tell us which ones you like and which ones to skip. We’d love to hear from you!

Chex Oatmeal

From Joan:

Chex Gluten Free Oatmeal is available at Marc’s – 2/$5.

Chex Oatmeal


Diane adds:

The packaging is labeled “gluten free” but the ingredient listing just says “whole grain oats”.

So, I was unsure whether pure gluten free oats were used in this product.

A statement on the company’s facebook page is reassuring:

The oats used for the oats & oatmeal products are sourced from a vertically integrated gluten free oat source. We also validate our cleaning and changeover methods at the plants for any system/line that will run a gluten free product. Ongoing verification gluten testing is performed at the finished product level. As such, any General Mills product that contains a “gluten free” claim meets the safety and regulatory definition of less than 20 ppm. While there are many “gluten free” certification bodies, General Mills’ standards meet and/or exceed the qualifications defined by these organizations. Therefore, you can be confident that our “gluten free” products are safe and meet global certification and regulatory standards.

Have you tried it? Have you seen it in other stores?

Is Omission Beer Gluten Free?

Laurie wrote in the 6/1/14 NEOCN newsletter:

Omission beer is a barley based beer. It cannot be labeled as gluten free by the TTB or FDA because its source is a prohibited grain (barley). Enzymes are added to break down the gluten after brewing. The test used by Omission to see if there is any residual gluten is the Competitive Elisa Test which is a controversial test.  So when Omission says the beer is under 20 parts per million, the results are in doubt because the test is in doubt by experts. Tricia Thompson MS RD, “The Gluten Free Dietitian” states: Experts who I trust immensely agree that they can NOT say for certain at this point in time whether Omission beer is safe for people with celiac disease to drink based on the data that  has been released by Omission.” Please read:

Dr. Fasano seemed to agree with Tricia Thomson when he stated that  “the purpose of the R5 ELISA is to test for cross contamination with naturally occurring gluten, not gluten that is artificially manipulated or degraded by an enzyme.” (Credit: Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California)

I know many might have an emotional reaction to hear this news. What further complicates this is that stores like Heinen’s or Giant Eagle may have a display of Omission beer in their gluten free aisles. Please question Heinen’s or Giant Eagle on this choice; and before you purchase, please look into this issue so you choose the gluten free beer that is safe for you.

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  • Zagara’s Marketplace Zagara’s Marketplace 1940 Lee Rd. Cleveland Hts.,  OH  44118 216 321 7917 Zagara’s Marketplace offers their gluten-free grocery options shelved throughout the store in the same areas as the traditional products. When you browse the aisles you will find the specialty items items listed with a gluten-free label.
  • Uncommon Grains Shaker Square Farmer’s Market
  • Reeve’s Cake Shop Akron
  • Francesco’s Bakery and Deli Broadview Heights
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