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More to Say on G-F Beer…….

It’s March!  The month of St. Patrick’s celebrations! And, what is St. Patrick’s day without the opportunity to share beers with friends? And, lots of strangers too!  But, if you have CD you may be finding that all of the places you like to gather don’t have any offerings for you to enjoy. It’s a bummer.  Plain ... Read more

Cafe Avalaun – News, Notes, and Events Looking for a Lenten Fish Fry ? You have two more opportunities to indulge in the Friday Fish Dinners –  March 17th and March 31st. Usborne Books Story Time – Thursday, March 23 The cooking classes at Cafe Avalaun have become one of the popular offerings on the events calendar.  They sell out fast so make sure ... Read more

Philomena Bake Shop at Phoenix Coffee – Coventry When your next trip to Coventry Village in Cleveland Hts. guides you to have breakfast/lunch/dinner at Tommy’s, browse books at Mac’s Backs, grab a laugh at Big Fun, check out music at Record Revolution, consignment share or get a haircut/tattoo/piercing make sure to leave yourself time for a stop at Phoenix Coffee!  The pastry case now ... Read more

Minus – G Baked Goods at Starfish and Coffee – Painesville Starfish and Coffee in Painesville, OH coffee / tea crystals / incense jewelry / accessories chill / engage classes/music community/experience Cute little coffee shop with FLAIR!! Offering pour over coffees, teas and packaged baked goods from Minus-G Read more

Making Choices for Beer on a G-F Diet Recently the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) ran a study comparing the reactions of individuals, based on Celiac Antibody results, following the consumption of gluten-reduced beers vs. gluten-free beers. What led to this research being done is the concern that current testing methods being used by manufacturers of gluten-reduced beers are not sufficient for measuring the existence of ... Read more