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Baking and Culinary Book Club 9/29/14

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The G-F Cooks’ Books Club Events

Are you interested in all things gluten-free in the kitchen?
Perhaps your baking and cooking skills are being challenged by the gluten-free ingredients, processes, methods etc!
Join Eileen Simon and Mariann Offtermatt the hosts of our monthly gluten-free cookbook gathering.
We’ll share our personal cookbook experiences and learn tips and tricks from each other.
We’ll serve up a tasting from the featured book too!

Plan on attending any of the free scheduled events and share the love of cooking with other g-f home chefs! Doors open at 6:30. Meeting commences at 7:00.
Check with your local library to borrow the books if you do not already own them.

Garfield Hts. Library
5409 Turney Rd.
Garfield Hts., 44125


Monday – Sept. 29, 2014
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Meeting Room A
Featured Book – The Cakemix Doctor Bakes Gluten-free
Anne Byrn

Monday – Oct. 27, 2014
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Meeting Room B
Featured Book – The How Can it be Gluten Free Cookbook
America’s Test Kitchen

Monday – Nov. 24, 2014
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Meeting Room B
Featured Book – The Gluten-free Table
Jilly Lagasse and Jessie Lagasse Swanson

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Columbus Celiac Disease Conference

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is hosting its 27th annual Celiac Disease Conference in Columbus on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014.

Registration is required and cost is $45 for the all day conference which includes a GF continental breakfast and GF lunch. Parking is $2. No Walk-ins allowed.

There are separate educational tracks for children and teens, speakers, and a vendor fair of about 10-20 vendors. Dr. Ivor Hill will speak as well as registered dietitians.

To register call 614-355-0662 or online.
It’s a bit tricky to navigate their website, so….
1) Click here:
2) In far right column under resources, click “Visit the Education site”.
3) Under the keyword search, type in “celiac”, click “search classes”. Conference link is the second choice. Click.
4) Conference details pop up and you register at the bottom.

Other conferences can cost $100 or more. Columbus conference rates are one of the best deals in the US. Register today before it is sold out.

The Gluten Free Labeling Law in Effect August 5th, 2014

The Gluten Free Labeling Act has gone into effect as of Aug. 5th, 2014. Food labeled gluten free must not contain more than 20 parts per million of gluten or suffer a penalty. Labeling is voluntary, so those on the gluten free diet still need to read labels on undesignated packaging. There is hope that the gluten free designation will apply to restaurants that offer a gluten free menu, but the FDA has not commented on enforcing standards. Groups like the American Celiac Disease Alliance are following up with the FDA.

The final rule applies to all FDA-regulated foods, but EXCLUDES foods whose labeling is regulated by the US Department of Agriculture and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, such as most meats, poultry, certain egg products and most alcoholic beverages. The USDA and TTB however voluntarily may follow the FDA GF standards on many products. On alcohol made from prohibited grains, then rendered gluten free with enzymes, the TTB states:

“Consistent with the new FDA regulations, TTB will continue to consider “gluten-free” label claims for alcohol beverages that are made from gluten-containing grains to be misleading to consumers who are seeking to avoid the consumption of gluten for health reasons. However, products made from gluten-containing grains may be labeled with a statement that the product was “Processed,” “Treated,” or “Crafted” to remove gluten, if that claim is made together with a qualifying statement that warns the consumer that the gluten content of the product cannot be determined and that the product may contain gluten.”

Neighborhood Butcher Shops are Great for Gluten Free

The neighborhood butcher shop is coming back, and that’s good news for the Greater Cleveland GF Community. Smaller shops mean you can ask where meat comes from, what exactly is in the meat, and in some cases, if the animals have been raised humanely.
Saucisson (prepared at the Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen) sells their sausages and pork at Farmers Markets.
The Butcher & the Brewer (find them on Facebook) is a butcher shop, brewery and restaurant, now open on E. 4th St.
The Sausage Shoppe in Old Brooklyn knows gluten free. Look for the Meat & Curing Co. to open soon near the West Side Market, headed by Adam Lambert formerly of Bar Cento.

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