Bouche Bakery


11823 Detroit Rd.
Lakewood, OH  44107

Dessert Shop and Bakery offering cupcakes, scones both sweet and savory, muffins, whoopie pies and bread and rolls!  All gluten-free!!

Mariann writes 11/12/2016:

On this beautiful November Saturday our drive to the west side of Cleveland took us to the Lakewood neighborhood to check out the offerings at the newly opened Bouche Bakery and their g-f baked goods!

Our samplings for today included the savory cheddar jalapeno scone (5 stars according to my husband), vanilla frosted chocolate cupcake (beyond doubt the best chocolate cupcake we have ever tried and the buttercream frosting was extraordinary) and finally we even finished a slice of an amazing cinnamon bar (basically a nice thick slice of glazed cinnamon pecan bread).  We also brought home some blueberry muffins to taste test later in the week.  


3 thoughts on “Bouche Bakery”

  1. May I ask what you charge for a gluten free pumpkin pie? I’ll be alone on Thanksgiving, so, it needn’t be fancy or real large. Thank you!

    1. Janet,

      I’ve forwarded to you the direct number for Bouche along with some other options from our webpage just in case.
      The bakery does not know that you are interested in placing an order as your email was directed to our email box
      and not directly to the bakery. I hope you will find the information forwarded to you to be helpful. When making
      a request directly to the party you are interested in connecting with you will need to click on the link in their
      post and send direct to them otherwise it comes to the support group. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your pumpkin pie!

  2. Need to visit again, perhaps on a Saturday. I dropped in on the Weds. before Thanksgiving and most items were already pre-ordered. Seems most orders come in from Facebook. Did manage to purchase 1 brownie and 1 small cheesecake, which were tasty but a bit expensive. Looking forward to dropping in on a Saturday soon for more selection.

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