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Last month (March 2017) in my ‘Dining Out…’ post I shared the pleasure of my experience with having a g-f pancake breakfast at The Original Pancake House.  After the newsletter hit the email circuit I received an email criticism for writing that post.  I’m not sharing the original post titled ‘Concerned in Cleveland’ because the author of the post chose to use both an anonymous name and contact information leaving me no ability to respond directly. Still, it occurs to me that the ‘concern’ of one individual may reflect the concerns of others who did not write so I want to make sure I share with those following the posts at this site.

One of the points made in the email message was with regards to possible cross contamination due to the prevalence of airborne traditional flour from the mixing of the traditional batter.  While this is always a possibility – in any traditional restaurant – that is a point we must each be aware of when making our choices.  There is no reason to assume that a pancake house has any more airborne particles than any other traditional restaurant kitchen. Airborne flour in a bakery or pizza kitchen would be a concern for me due to the potential of this to happen with the rolling and flouring of the products being produced.  For me, I have not witnessed any activity at the pancake house that gives me reason to believe that ‘flour is all over the place’.  In any kitchen, cross contamination can happen with use of pans, utensils, plates, ovens, toasters, hands, crumbs, etc.  Again, as I have previously posted – Always be your own advocate.  If something from the kitchen doesn’t seem o.k. – question it!  Share your needs with your server, if the server does not seem interested or knowledgeable talk with the manager.  Understand that any kitchen that is not g-f dedicated will have higher need for your diligence.

If you have not already seen our Tips to Dining Out page – check it out here

The dining out post also brought us comments from guests with suggestions for additional restaurants to try and suggestions for already posted restaurants to be modified and updated.  This is a project we will be working on moving forward. AND, we have received information about a new gluten-free beer soon to be introduced from one of our very own local brew houses – Sibling Revelry!  More on that in the coming months:)

So, stay posted for information every month to keep yourself connected.  And consider coming to a meeting or to one of “Dinner With…..” member planned events.






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  1. Original Pancake House on Chagrin is excellent. I really trust the manager and have talked with him several times about my needs for GF. The omelettes are amazing and I have safely eaten them several times.

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