Crab Cakes Gluten-Free

Crab Cakes Gluten-Free

Adapted from the Old Bay Seasoning Recipe

2 slices of bread or about 1/3 cup of Kinnikinnick Panko Breadcrumbs

2 T mayo or 1 T creamy horseradish and 1 T mayo

1 T Old Bay Seasoning

2 t parsley flakes or chopped fresh parsley is better

2 t prepared mustard or a wholegrain or spicy mustard

1 egg beaten

1 tiny shake of cayenne pepper

1 pound real crab meat NOT KRAB. I buy this in a can in the dairy/ cheese section of Heinen’s.  Some fish departments at other stores may also have this. Don’t buy the small cheap crab meat it’s too shredded and it’s better for dips.


In a bowl mix together the mayo mixture, Old Bay, parsley, mustard, and egg. Either break up bread into fine dry breadcrumbs or measure the Panko crumbs and add to the same bowl. Take a look at your crab meat and make sure there are no small pieces of shell and stir in crab meat. Make sure the mixture seems moist and will hold together. Shape into patties and pan fry in a little butter or oil or a combination of both. Let them really brown on one said before turning. I like a cast iron skillet.

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