14810 Detroit Ave.,
Lakewood, OH 44107 



Gay shares:

We ate at Deagan’s Kitchen in Lakewood last night. They have a regular menu on which they hi- lighted GF items in green. The ones I chose turned out to be quite bland – a crab and avocado salad plus a vegetarian curry. Their fried items are done in a shared fryer so definitely not an option for celiacs. It was busy and had a huge, younger adult bar crowd. I might return if in the area but would not make it a destination restaurant as it is just too bland for me. However, I do appreciate that the owners have identified potentially GF options and the waitress recognized the difference between folks who must follow GF dining versus those who just choose it for whatever reason. This is a good choice for younger adults with celiac who want a sports bar type atmosphere to hang out with friends.

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