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I had a delightful trip to the south of France this summer. Everything was fantastic: the people, the sights, the weather. But especially the gluten free food.

The pre-trip planning included frustration with traveling on multiple airlines on one ticket. Because of the codeshare arrangement neither Air Canada nor Brussels Airlines would assign seats or note my need for gluten free meals for travel to France. Travel back was all on Air Canada and was no problem. Poking around on the Brussels Airlines website I found a special meal request form and I received an email a couple of days later which confirmed the special diet.

The travel went off without a hitch. Flights were all on-time and GF food was served.

Between Toronto and Brussels I was served dinner which was plastic wrapped and sealed. Bean salad, Indian chickpea curry with quinoa, bread and a brownie.

It even included a note which listed the dinner menu and what I would expect for breakfast and advised that no other served food would be guaranteed gluten free.

There was another service before landing with a muffin, granola and applesauce. It, too, was sealed.

On the flight back home, from Lyon to Montreal, I was also served a meal, sealed, with fish and rice, carrot salad, cut fruit and crackers. The second service was a packaged frittata, clearly labeled gluten free.

The food was quite good and I felt comfortable that it was gluten free and had not been contaminated while being served.  But much better food was to come!

The Viking Buri, one of the Viking River Cruise ships that navigate the Rhone river, was my home for the week.  The Lyon & Provence itinerary sailed from Avignon to Lyon, stopping in small towns and larger cities along the way.

There was plentiful and delicious gluten free food on the ship.  I enjoyed croissants every morning at breakfast.  The fruit was some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Most of the menu items could be made gluten free and I had fun with sandwiches, many days, for lunch.

There was always a tasty dessert like this flourless chocolate cake.

Even crepes Suzette!

While sightseeing I stopped in a few grocery stores, from small healthfood shops to supermarkets. All had some gluten free food and many had large selections.

I highly recommend this trip. I’ve sailed with Viking River Cruises before and would again. And southern France exceeded my expectations for beauty and charm.

Where did you travel on your summer vacation?

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