Gluten Free 101: Pantry Products We Love

Gluten Free 101: What’s in Our (GF) Pantry/Fridge/Freezer?
Suggested Gluten Free Staples by Northeast Ohio Celiac Network Members by Laurie Sammon

Giant Eagle
Bell and Evans GF chicken tenders or nuggets
Conte’s pasta, pierogi, ravioli, gnocchi
Udi’s Bread, hamburger & hotdog buns, pizza crust, muffins,
French Meadow Cupcakes
Prego spaghetti sauces (some)
Tinkyada pasta
Quinoa pasta
Post Coco Pebbles
Chex 5+ flavors
GF Rice Krispies
Snyder’s of Hanover GF Pretzels
Crunchmaster crackers
Rice Works snacks
Giant Eagle brand deli meats (some)
Pop Chips
Nathan’s Hot dogs/Hebrew National marked GF
Fruit Rollups/snacks General Mills
Betty Crocker GF mixes
Edy’s/Turkey Hill/Breyer ice cream (without any gluten add-ins)
Klondike bars (Unilever declares all gluten plainly-read label)
Nestle’s semi sweet morsels
SanJ Tamari Sauce (soy sauce) La Choy soy sauce
Progresso soups (some)
Nestle Dibs ice cream (some)

Rudi’s gluten free bread
Against the Grain Baguettes, buns, pizza crust
Chebe Roll mix, Focaccia mix
123 GF Pan Bars, Baking mixes
San J Soy Sauce (Tamari)
Pamela’s pancake mix

Mustard Seed, Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Raisin Rack
Kinnikinnick Panko bread crumbs (crispier)
Corn Thins
Glutino Chocolate Wafer cookies
Kinnitoos (like GF Oreos)
Jovial fig fruit cookies (like GF Fig Newtons)

Pacific foods cream of mushroom/chicken
Bob’s Red Mill GF oatmeal Marcs
Popped Crisps (Marcs)
Hodgson Mills mixes, pasta
Herb Ox Bouillon
Gluten Free Bisquick

Nature’s Bin
Goodbye Gluten fresh (not frozen) bread

Restaurants & Bakeries
We have over
50+ restaurants/Bakeries listed by location and if they have a gluten free menu.
Go to
When dining, check the webpage the day before. Read the GF dining tips to get a sense of questions to ask. Print out the gluten free menu and plan to take it with you. Call the manager (not during peak times) and tell him/her you will be dining gluten free. Ask what precautions they will take in the kitchen for the gluten free customer. Get a sense of how knowledgeable you think they may be. If in doubt, do not give them your business.

These are worth the drive:
Bistro of Green, Uniontown, OH
Ferrara’s, Sharon PA
Wildfire, Chicago, Ill.
Rose’s Bakery, Evanston Ill. Dine in Cafe
Sinfully Gluten Free, Dayton Dine in Cafe

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