Mad Greek

Cleveland Hts/East

Edited by Diane 11/21/2016: Restaurant is closed.  This post has been moved to the archives.

2466 Fairmount Blvd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

(216) 421-3333

Ask for GF menu.

One thought on “Mad Greek”

  1. I enjoyed dinner last night. The gluten free menu has appetizers and selections from the Greek and Indian menus. The Baba Ghanouj was a large portion served in a dish on the same plate as the pita, with a large side plate of sliced carrots, cucumbers and broccoli for me. The Island of Minos stir fry was well seasoned and I’d order it again. The friendly server was not gluten aware. We had to ask her for a new spoon for the Baba as the 2 she had placed on the plate were both touching pita. However she reassured that the kitchen was aware to prepare items ordered from the gluten free menu in a gluten free manner.

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