Piada Italian Restaurant

South Euclid (Cedar Center), Beachwood (Across from Ahuja), Rocky River and elsewhere in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan


3870 Richmond Rd (across from Ahuja Medical Center)
Beachwood, Ohio

13947 Cedar Road (Cedar Center)
South Euclid, Ohio 44118

19925 Center Ridge Road,
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

We ate lunch at Piada and we were excited to see a billboard in the restaurant announcing gluten-free options.  It looks like  the set up of Chipotle but very upscale and nice. We opted for the salads since they do not have gluten-free pasta or breads.  Be careful in the serving line as breadcrumbs were in one area. We asked to speak with the chef, and there is always a chef on hand. We asked for our salad items to be taken from the kitchen and not the line to avoid cross contamination. Almost all of the ingredients  were taken from the back. The chef seemed very knowledgeable about G.F. practices. The salad was great nicely tossed and containing a nice mixture not the regular bowl of lettuce with a few things on top. The serving line moves very quickly since it is designed for you to get your order and be able to return to work very quickly.


3 thoughts on “Piada Italian Restaurant”

  1. Had lunch yesterday at the Beachwood location. The server knew to wash hands, change gloves and make our salads using items not out on the common line. And it was really tasty!

    1. I went back later that week because I was so excited by our experience. The chef that night didn’t take care of us as well the day time chef. When the gal on the salad line put something wrapped in foil on my tray I questioned it. Yes, it was bread wrapped in foil. You have to feel for those employees in every restaurant, they are well trained to give you the crackers or bread that comes with the meal. I food was great and safe!

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