Red Robin Restaurants

Multiple Locations Nationally


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Available Locally –

Cleveland Suburbs:
Avon Commons, Canton, Chagrin Highlands, North Olmsted, Rockside Rd., Willoughby

South of Cleveland:
Columbus/ Polaris and Easton


4 thoughts on “Red Robin Restaurants”

  1. I’m a big fan of red robin. The one at the strip is very conscientious about gluten free. They serve gluten free buns, you can ordered gluten free fries (unlimited) and the fruit salad is gluten free. They also serve Angry Orchard Hard Cider and Omission beer. I pass on the last two items since I can stand the taste of the hard cider and have had effects from gluten removed beer.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Red Robin, Bob! We would like to take this opportunity to invite you
      to dine with us the coming Wed. – Jan 11, 2017 at Bomba Tacos, Rocky River, 6:30 pm. The topics we discuss and share
      are right in there with your past experiences!

  2. Jean shares:
    Red Robin Restaurant hamburgers can be ordered with a gluten free bun. I don’t get the French fries because they are not gluten free. Instead of the French fries you can get unlimited salad. J ust ask for it.
    I am gluten intolerant. If I eat anything with gluten in it within 20 minutes I’ve got problems.

  3. our guest Lynn writes:

    Red Robin has a large gluten free menu. It uses a dedicated allergy-free fryer for its french fries and offers GF buns. The staff is well educated about allergies. I have been to the ones in Independence and North Olmsted and never had a problem.

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