The Oak Barrel

Valley View

I much enjoyed lunch yesterday at The Oak Barrel.  They have an extensive gluten free menu and the server was very knowledgeable and made several trips to the kitchen confirming french fries were gluten free, but the house made blue corn chips were not made in a dedicated fryer.  They do not have GF bread, so you would have to byob (bring your own bun) for a burger.  I had the Yucatan BBQ Pork taco, sans shell, and the tender well-flavored pork was served platter style with a bowl of tasty slaw.  I did not miss the shell.  I also tried the Chef’s Garden Pickled Vegetables and was treated to a nice selection of pickled radish, carrot and rutabaga slices in addition to the expected cucumber.  There are a number of vegetarian friendly menu items.  The server said the restaurant would soon announce a Sunday brunch menu and promised it would have gluten free options.

5975 Canal Rd.
Valley View, Ohio 44125

Gluten Free items are listed on the menu.

4 thoughts on “The Oak Barrel”

  1. I ate at the Oak Barrel last night. The gluten free menu is extensive. If you can’t decide what to choose, I highly recommend the salmon with mashed potatoes, which was perfectly cooked and really flavorful.

  2. Ate at the Oak Barrel in Valley View today (6/13/14). Just about everyone chose a different item. Food was very good. French fries were GF, checks were all separate, reasonable priced. Good choice for lunch.

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