2 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite GF Pasta?”

  1. Schar has a brand of pasta called Bonta d’Italia. The shape of the noodle is a flat wide noodle called Tagliatelle. I contacted Schar and they said that this product will no longer be available. Can you or any member suggest another G/F wide noodle? Thanks

    1. Hi Wally!! I am so disappointed to hear that the Tagliatelle is being discontinued. It has been my favorite since my diagnosis. Suddenly it has been gone from shelves and I was blaming the stores and all the new brands and pasta options. I like the Jovial Tagliatelle pasta as a replacement. When I want it smaller, like the Schar Tagliatelle was, I just put it in a plastic bag and crush it with my palm. It breaks up into smaller pieces and I use it like I used the Tagliatelle. Thanks for keeping us posted on you findings.

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