Winking Lizard

BEWARE!!! Multiple Locations


No gluten-free foods are offered

Thanks for this news, Dan:

I ate at the Winking Lizard in Avon on Tuesday night.  They normally have Redbridge Beer and was surprised to hear that they substituted it for a beer called Omission from the Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in Oregon.  I can attest that it is the best tasting “GF” beer I’ve ever had, and had no reaction (I am celiac).   

Omission Beer is made with barley, like traditional beer.  But the brewers say they have found a way to remove the gluten and leave the taste. Each batch is tested for the presence of gluten. Have you tried Omission Beer?  What is your favorite gluten free beer?

4/21/14 NOTE by Diane: At this time gluten removed beers are not considered safe for people with celiac disease.  See this report by Tricia Thompson, the Gluten Free Watchdog.
See also this more recent post.

4 thoughts on “Winking Lizard”

  1. The Winking Lizards are very uneven from restaurant to restaurant when it comes to being gluten friendly. The one in Peninsula was very helpful on at least 5 occasions and the one in Fairlawn not much help at all on two occasions.

  2. Why is this restaurant listed? For someone printing the list off, it’s very misleading and I feel it should be removed. PS – Omission Beer has had to remove their GF tag that use to be on the bottles… it is NOT gluten free.

    1. Angie,
      We appreciate your comments about Winking Lizard and will take them under consideration for our site. Our comments at our Winking Lizard post cover most of what you have shared. Also, we have also covered the issue of Omission and Daura beer at our site previously.

  3. With so many other restaurants offering gluten free menus, Winking Lizard is not helping the gluten free customer as much as they could. I hope they change in the future. I know I would like to dine there, but they are one of the last places I would choose.

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