Zagara’s Marketplace

Cleveland Heights

Zagara’s Marketplace
1940 Lee Rd.
Cleveland Hts.,  OH  44118

216 321 7917

Zagara’s Marketplace offers their gluten-free grocery options shelved throughout the store in the same areas as the traditional products. When you browse the aisles you will find the specialty items items listed with a gluten-free label.

Mariann writes 2/23/15:

In January I moved into my new home in Cleveland Hts. and went directly out to the area grocery stores in search of available gluten-free goodness!  So happy to have found Zagara’s.  They have many of the products that are staples in my pantry along with some new things for me to try.  I am learning the store layout and find it pretty easy to manage.  The arrangement at Zagara’s is for product to be comingled on the shelves with the traditional product.  The drawback of that for me is that I typically find my shopping trips are short, sweet, and swift when the majority of my products are in one place since I don’t need all the other stuff – typically I avoid interior aisles.  But I love that the store is a not superstore sized so the comingling has not really been an issue.  If you have a mixed household this is probably a good layout plan.

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